Thursday, 11 June 2015

#StopChildLabour : Poor boys are not #RejectedMaal

On the eve of Stop Child Labour day, many high profile people making their views and concern, but have you ever try to understand why the same not vanished? 

The main reason we believe poor boys are #RejectedMal of our Country , witness even from a well educated women Chief Minister's Statement as witness.

Boys are 'rejected maal': Anandiben Patel, Gujarat CM ...

All most all analysis proved the main reason of Child Labour is poverty. So , the Government must work towards remove the poverty right ?

But look all policy and data, you will find the Job opportunity of Men is decreasing and Women are increasing. Thanks to our great Feminist Ideology and creating more and more broken home, promoting and incentivized Divorce more than stay as married for women. Result more and more #FatherLessChild In society, as the assumption that a women can take care the Child much better than a men, so in 98% cases the Child Custody had been given to mother by ignoring the merit of the cases also.

But when comes to Child Labour what data says?

Child Poverty of Married Couple Family: 8 to 10%.
Child Poverty in Female headed Family: 39 to 47%.
(Study by USA, In India no NGO dare to make any such study).

A basis common sense say , we must form policy and Law which encourage or incentivized for married Women than incentivized the divorced Women in the name of maintenance or alomoney. Because such money never used for real well fare of Child.

Next the most concern by Child activist , Child working is not the problem, the problem is they don’t go to School , they work in hazardous situation , they are subject to abuse and one day even became rapist or a hardcore criminal. None will disagree but what data and various study say?

1.   71% of all high school dropouts come from fatherless homes (Source: National Principals Association Report on the State of High Schools.)
2.    More boys (38.7 million) than girls (8.8 million) are involved in hazardous work.

To score some brownie points , our Government and NGOs are working by ignoring the important statistics like Drop out from High School of Boys is increasing year by years.

Now tell me one scheme or policy by WCD, which aims to address the problem of High drop out of Boys from School and work as Child Labour?

Last 10 years we are continuously demand the present Women and Child Ministry to be separated. As we had witnessed the policy and Laws created by such ministry is anti-Child. In the name of Protection of Women they always neglected the need and care of Child. 

Many might have forgotten even our Ms. Anandi Behan, CM of Gujarat in a social function termed the poor Boys as #RejectedMall and non had shown any outrage.

At the end we appreciate our Prime Minister focus on #BetiPawda campaign, but give a small attention to poor Boys of this country, don’t treat them as #RejectedMall.

No child born as rapist or murder, it is you and I make them rapist and Murder, so instead of making assumption based policy, time to rethink and review all policy related to the Problem of Indian Boys faced today than ignoring them.  

Boys are 'rejected maal': Anandiben Patel ... - YouTube


Wake up , instead of treating Poor Boys of India as #RejectedMaal , understand their Problem and review our all Law and Policy on the eve of Stop Child Labour Day and act based on data than some vested interest of WCD or any Vote bank Political Ideology.

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Subhash Pandey said...

Subjct taken deserves debate but certainly needs deep thoughts.
All the best.
Regards, Subhash Pandey from Lucknow.