Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Maggie or Bread-Banana, what’s your right choice baby?

We have witness the huge cry against Maggie and every one start from Tv anchor to Political Leaders, none spared a opportunity to make score how they are concern about healthy food.
The real problem is not Maggie, problem is unhealthy food served by a Multinational company and accused of maintain different quality standard for India vs other developed country.
I wonder, if Maggie was an unhealthy food, then how it increases its market share in Jet rocket speed.
We used to stay in hostel and witness even in 1990 the craziness of Chinese Food in weekend among all our friends. Never forget to go to NutanBazar (New market) and have Noodles as evening snacks by refusing our Hostel snacks Bread-Banana. Such trend even forced our Hostel cook also to learn making Noodles as Snacks once in week in Hostel.

So, Noodles was a favorite snacks for many Indian even before Maggie came to our life. Slowly even our Hostel also started to serve Maggie, because the main concern of Noodles let it be in street corner or at Hostel, was unhealthiness during preparation. We witness many time serve problem of stomach related problem along with acidity as norm after having Noodles.

Nestle by their strong marketing budget made us believe Maggie not only remove your concern of Hygienic food, but it also help to build your Child health and result the same became a daily snacks of every Child at home .

So, when some wrong news came about Maggie, we immediately connected to our Child health and safety, which Maggie itself branded as Child’s first choice compared to other competitors.

 It’s like dig your own feet to a dig you made for others.

Maggie was able to make a strong brand value in terms of non-Hygienic food compared to street side noodles.  But the fact is such product was never Hygienic or healthy as compared to Bread-Banana Combination, it was fine once for a week or month, but Maggie or noodles was never a substitute as daily food or snacks.

So, I prefer to stick with Bread-Banana as my favorite Snacks or breakfast and keep Maggie or Noodles as weekend or month end snacks only.

So, the learning for all Indian, what over west or China follow does not mean we Indian also have to follow and break our own traditional foods. Every foods success and failure depends on country’s nature and environment and need of quality standard also different for different countries.

So, instead of making some Brownie Score in social media promote our traditional favorite food of our Bachelor Hostel life also: Bread-Banana and keep the Maggie type food for week end only.

Neither Maggie nor Banana is unhealthy or non-hygienic food; make the right balance as our Body and mind needs both, healthy and little spicy type foods. It is up to you how often you stretch it in your daily menu.

So on the eve of High Court to hear Nestle plea on Maggie , time to ask your near or dear ones , Maggie or Bread-Banana, what’s your right choice baby?

The article Republished at SaddaHaq

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