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Why Lacks of Separated Fathers deprived from #HugYourDad on the eve of #FathersDay ?

Vicks VapoRub #HugYourDad - YouTube

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”

Last one week we were very happy to see so many corporate brands today recognize the Value of #Fathersday and came out with multiple awareness activity. 

When I write 21st June: Sunday #Fathersday: What you planned? Subsequently witness  many activity like with message like , #SelfiwithFather , #PapaHaiNa , #Luv2Dad , #LoveforDad , #HugYourDad and the list is never ending in social media.

But when I receive a mail from a father: To my kiddo, with love! , who is separated from his kid, how he feel, have ever we try to understand?

Dear Kiddo,

Lots of love and wishes.

I always write my diary with a hope that one day when you grow up, you will read this and understand that how much your father loves you.

Father's day is around the corner and I am looking forward to meet you on that day; hopefully. I say hopefully because there are many people around me who really do not like my meeting with you, especially your mamma. But a day will come, for sure when you will be with me, forever.

You know kiddo; I was always excited about you. It started with the day when mamma told me that she has conceived you. My happiness knew no bounds on hearing the news and I was jumping in excitement. I took your mamma in my arms and told her that she was about to give me the best gift of my life.

The next nine months made me a different man. Day and night, I thought about you. I became less carefree and more caring. I took extra care of mamma so that she did not get uncomfortable. I took responsibility of the house and started doing small household chores as well. It was a pressure situation for me to manage my office work along with household work. But I wanted your mamma and you to be in best of your health. I wanted that nothing should affect you whatsoever. All for you, dear. I was so excited, so happy.

I told your mamma that I shall be your best buddy for life. I shall be there always for you, in sunshine and in grey.

One fine day, I told your mamma about all the financial planning I am going to do for you so that your future is secured; so that you get a good education; so that you enjoy all the goodies of life. I want you to feel proud for your father. I never knew your mamma had planned a different type of financial planning.

Months passed by and finally the day came when you were about to come to earth. I was nervous, pensive and all emotional till you came. The moment your umbilical cord was cut and I heard that you came on earth, my eyes were flooded.  Flooded with tears of happiness.  You made my world complete. People say parenting is a tough job and I indeed felt so but looking at you took away all the pains for me. I enjoyed my sleepless nights, changing your nappies, singing Lorries for you so that you sleep.

I was so excited with each passing day of your growing up and I made sure that I captured each and every moment through my lens. I felt as if I am the luckiest person on the earth. I live by and cherish those memories now as you are not around me.

I always wished to carry you on my back, throw you in the air and catch you back, be the horse for you to ride, teach you how to ride a bicycle and what not. But probably, I never knew that a situation would come in my life when you would be snatched away from me.

It was seemingly all going great until that fateful day. Mamma had a fight with me and she was upset. I went to office thinking everything shall be fine by evening. When I came back, you and your mamma were not at home. I was shocked and surprised. You both had gone to your maternal grandparent’s house and your mamma told me to be back in couple of days. I never ever thought what she would do two days later. She complained to police that I torture her and don't take care of you. I was called to the police station and IPC498A was imposed on me; by the person who was my world; by the person whom I gave my everything. Your mamma made me a criminal in a moment without giving a second thought. My world was shattered.

Mamma took you away to Nani's house. From that day, you are there. I miss you a lot kiddo. Life is incomplete without you. I have a hidden fear that you might forget my identity. Mamma and Nani feed you with all sorts of imaginary negative things about me. I just pray to God that you do not grow up hating me. I am not like that kiddo. I hope one day you will understand.

You know kiddo your papa was down but not out. Your papa had not lost courage and hope. Your papa had decided: to fight; fight for you, fight for justice. A day will come when I will bring you to my world, indeed. And then, every day shall be father's day.

With lot of Love.


This not a simple mail, it expose how our Society and Law makers are victim of Misendric – Male Hatered Mindset , the pain and suffering of a separated Father from their Kid ignored so easily and their cry never reach to deaf ears of our LAW makers. 

But NGO like SaveFamily Foundation take the imitative and Plan to make a massive awareness Campaign on 21st June, 2015 in the Heart of Delhi i.e. CP from 4PM onwards.

We know such separated Fathers of India does not get any hearing, but hope the effort of SFF self Supported Volunteers,  will able to reduce some of their pain on the Eve of #Fathers day who are deprived from the #HugYourDad.


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