Monday, 26 August 2013

Does Women safety = Ignore Men safety?

Recently Maharashtra Home Minister assured to all Women Journalist that he will Provide special security  when they are in Job.
Sounds a great idea as a populist measures without going to root cause of why Crime in Society increase?
Go through the Crime Bure report the Crime against men is increasing in rapid speed and more than 75% Murder reported in this country against men only.

Look at the Murder rate of Men vs Women :

Male Victims-24,441, Female Victims-8,718 Total Victims-33,159
Culpabale Homicide Not Amounting To Murder (Sec.304 and 308 IPC) During 2009
Male Victims=3,529, Female Victims=753 Total Victims=4282

Now we wonder , can a society provide safety to Women ( Murder/Rape), when in their own society the Men are not safe?

In India the Crime Bure Report summarized the data of Crime against Women,Crime against Child, but they even not provide a direct Link/summarized report Crime against Men, it is you have to summarize your self.

Since 2005 we are providing  the crime data and murder data of NCRB to government, but they always put all to dustbin as the Media never shown any concern of "Safety of Men" as a need of society.
If you go through the report of "Committee to protect Journalist " and click in Gender shows 97% male Journalist Killed vs 3% Women Journalist.
On 24th Aug a Journalist in UP Mr. Akhilesh get murdered , but no Protest form any Journalist association or any candle march by common people of society, not surprised us , as we witness such biased approach in every institutions.
We have Death Penalty punishment for Murder, but the Murder is increasing day by day , which is evident beyond reasonable dought the Punishment increasing does not reduce the Crime.
The solution lies on the probability and risk : When some one do a crime, how much chances he have to get Caught? At present it is 10 to 15% percent on an average.
Recently in FM News people's voice we  heard 90% of Bribe by common Man goes to Police only-and Court staff only even as small as Rs.20 to Rs.20lacks.
Today you can trap any innocent LAW biding Citizen in Criminal cases as easy as ordering Pizza on the other Hand you can't catch the real criminal months/years together and if at all you caught them to punish them need 10 to 12 years and if You innocent to prove it need 10 to 12 years.
So, the root cause failure of  our Criminal Justice system and Police , leads to more /more stringent LAW in the form of Non-bailable , giving the more power to Police/Judiciary, leading to more abuse of Power and bribe industry.

The Failure of Police/Criminal Justice system to provide safety to Indian men never get highlighted or taken any corrective action.

All women activist/media running behind the women Safety issue , like in a desert desperately trying to find a  "Marichika" ( Look for a Water pond far ahead with hope running very fast, but when reach there don't find a drop of water).

History witness a country where your Men is not safe, dreaming women will be safe is nothing but fooling yourself.
Safety/Violence had never be a Gender issue and stop abuse of men with multiple unfair/biased law , as it leads to strength the power of abuse in the hand of Police/Judiciary only , it does not empower the real Victims.

Media friends must understand the Pain of a mother or Sister is not less when they loss their Brother or son or Father.

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