Thursday, 3 April 2014

Misuse of LAW will be checked if come to Power : SP

If came to power, will check 'misuse' of anti-rape law: SP
Lucknow: Samajwadi Party today said if voted to power at Centre it will check “large scale misuse” of newly formulated legislations including the anti-rape law that came into existence after December 16, 2012 gang-rape case.

“There is a large scale misuse of laws including anti-dowry, SC/ST (atrocities prevention) act and the new anti-rape law that came into existence after ‘Nirbhaya’ rape case. ... SP is in favour of implementing them strictly and at the same time will initiate strict action against those misusing them,” the party’s manifesto said.

The apprehension of Parliament members proved true with increase in misuse of these law, it said “We will stop misuse of these laws and initiate strict action against those doing it,” SP supremo Mulayam Singh Yadav said.

In a Press Release by Save Family Foundation ( Reg) , well come the SP ( Samajwadi Party)  Manifesto :

SIF  via SFF welcomes the Manifesto of Samajwadi Party who, for the first time, as a political party has agreed to widespread misuse of Rape & Dowry laws which form the major part of misuse of Gender Biased Laws of India. The Hon’ble Supreme Court also has called such a misuse as “Legal Terrorism”. SIF Activists involved with Lobbying recall their meetings with various Parties, Members of Parliament, but it is only Samajwadi Party who have involved Gender Neutrality in real sense in their Manifesto.

Via this press release, SIF requests all it’s members, associates to support Samajwadi Party for openly coming out with issue of misuse of Gender Biased Laws.

SIF  has always been cautioning the Society and the Law Makers on how Anti-Men laws are being misused on how are the laws are just not Anti-Men but also Anti-Family & even Anti-Women.

2 recent cases where the victims of Law Misuse of Rape Law reached out to SIF are from Delhi and from Orissa. In the case of Delhi victim, he is fighting a war of his rights with influential people and he was entangled into a false “attempt to rape” case in a public place inspite of eye-witnesses saying that the alleged victim had torn her dress on her own. Even before police arrived to arrest him, he was brutally beaten up and was taken away by police while he was dumped in his own pool of blood. He being the only provider to his family, was jailed leaving behind his wife, his son, his parents without a penny to support and hence were forced to sell household articles to even have food. In the other case in Orissa,

SIF  got cry for help from a girl whose 62 years old father was behind bars for over 60 days under a false Rape case.

Is this Rape Law helping this Orissa Sister or is it helping the Delhi Family to have food?

SIF had given it’s recommendations to even Justice Verma committee while drafting of draconian Rape law amendments. Law Makers turned a blind eye towards the caution that SIF gave for betterment of society. Rape and Dowry laws are being grossly misused and the heat has not left Political Parties untouched. Intent of making the laws easy to use, law makers have unleashed weapons which are easy to misuse.

SIF  hereby requests Samajwady Party Supremo Shri Mulayam Singh Yadav Ji and to the Hon’ble Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, Shri Akhilesh Yadav Ji to plan to spread beyond Uttar Pradesh too as there are as many as 50 Lakh voters added every year across India who are direct victims of Law Misuse of Gender Biased Laws. This could help them get a huge Vote Bank which currently contemplates using NOTA as the option.

They claim the two major demand by them had been taken care by SP , like Check misuse of 498A/Anti-rape Law and Unemployment Allowance for Job less men .

SIF  also urges to all those Politicians, who get into politics of appeasement of Gender Votes, to stop making Anti Male Laws. We demand all Political Parties to include “Stop Misuse of Law” in their Election Manifesto, else these additional 50 Lakh voters per year will have no option but to use NOTA.

But still many are UN-able to digest that in India any political party have the Courage to say  that they will check misuse of LAW and strict Punishment will be given those who misuse the law.

No dought it is a big  mile-stone of Indian Men right movements and  many political party have to follow the foot step like Samajwadi Party  latter or sooner today misuse of law is no longer is a social issue , it had became a political issue also.

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