Sunday, 13 April 2014

Why you should vote My PARTY NOTA than Modi’s BJP?

Modi sold tea in train I sold chocolates in train! 

Modi feel pain for beti(daughters) I also feel pain when a beti (daughters) loose her son or brother!

Modi helped Gujarat to develop I also helped Gujarat to develop by working there and give special discounts to Surat/Ahmadabad textile mills!

Modi is fighting in two seats; I am fighting in all 545 Seats.

But Modi do not include SC order to check misuse of law in manifesto but my manifesto obey SC order to check misuse of Law!

( In this issue if you Vote for SP I don't mind as in their Manifesto also mention they will Check Misuse of LAW)

Modi do not have any concern as per NCRB data every year in India more than 65000 husband suicide , but I have concern for them and provide a special Men help line : 0-8882-498-498.

A Husband cut in 17 pieces in Gujarat by his wife and her friends , Modi do not feel pain or demand hang to death punishment for such wives, but I feel the pain even sitting at Delhi and protest against such crime and demand hang to death punishment. 

Modi's Party sitting in Opposition  join hands in parliament with Congress to pass Anti-male , Husband killer Law without any punishment to misuser of law , But I demand strong punishment and strict misuse LAW for every Strict LAW .

So this time no vote for Modi’s BJP party vote for my party NOTA!

Even my Surname also SARKAR, but Modi does not have Surname Sarkar.

This time NOTA SARKAR.

Stop Abuse of Men.

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