Thursday, 27 March 2014

Why we can't allow some one to make SIF a Paid advice model ?

This is a true story of a commando of SIF from Delhi.

About a year ago, a victim of misuse of gender biased laws came to meet us the first time. At that time he was living at his own home. His father gave him Rs500 and told him that he would need it since free advice is not available for people trapped in false cases. He met us at SIF and saw many SIF volunteers providing free consultation and support to unfortunate, distressed victims. Inspired by what he witnessed, he went back to his father and returned the money. He informed his father about what he had seen at the Delhi weekly meeting and vowed that once he gets bail, he would become a volunteer and help others free of cost.

Today, he is one of the most loveable volunteers in SIF - Delhi chapter. He played a crucial role in making the recent SIF foundation day a success.

He is one of the many who have an emotional connection with SIF and have found solace in helping other victims in distress.

I ask myself this question: How can I accept or tolerate instances when I am asked to make SIF a paid service model? Is there no FREE LUNCH ever in life?

In the name of changing the strategy, how can I be expected to kill the emotional bond victims form with SIF?

Yes SIF knows that there is no Free lunch in other places, but we carry ethical and moral values of not milking a person when they are at the lowest ebb of their life! The greed for money in such circumstances is just not human.

We realize that funds are needed to run any movement, but to generate funds there are hundreds of ways, such as getting sponsors, donations from others under 80G, Corporate CSR funding etc to name a few. Over the past many years, the movement has never faced financial challenges since there are many who come forward without hesitation and sponsor events and activism.

SIF has worked hard and won hearts of people, and not intended to trap them in the name of advice or consultation fees.

Very sadly, nowadays many people are using the name of SIF to trap such men and families under distress. Such people are very vulnerable and hence get trapped by giving away money in the name of false promises of advice or help. It hence becomes the responsibility of all SIF members to create awareness on Facebook and other social networking sites against such greedy people and organisations that are trapping vulnerable men and families.

I urge all SIF members to share the message below within all your yahoo/google/local groups, facebook, social networking sites, blogs and your own websites to save people from falling in such traps.

CAUTION: All advice/help in SIF group membership/weekly meetings are free and no membership/advice fee is charged from any one, for the same.  Recently it has been observed that some people/organizations are using resources of SIF network to collect money from new victims in the name of giving advice/help with a sugar coated membership fees/charges etc. We hereby caution all new/old members not to fall in such traps. SIF strongly condemns such activity and cautions everyone, not to pay any money to anyone for getting free advice/help.

A Moderator of SIF

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