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#BackFromTheDead A Day in Women Cell!!

On the eve of Save Indian Family (SIF) foundation day , many people will not be knowing that in India the suicide rate of married men are increasing by rocket high , every 9 min one mother or sister lost their married son or brother.

This is a true story of a Delhi Based Guy, who once loved some one and marry her and send me this mail in 2005: A Day in Women Cell !!

It reminds me his humiliated face in Saturday weekly meeting in 2005, when he just came out from the women cell date.

498A, DV Laws create such stories everyday!!

Police officer to Menaka "What do you want?” Do you want to go back or you want to have mutual divorce? IO, a police officer (CAW Cell in charge) asks Menaka.

Menaka : I tried my best but now I want a divorce as I can’t go back.

Police Officer: So, how do you want divorce.

Menaka : If he (Husband), can compensate me with 20 lacs, I shall go for mutual divorce.

Police Officer to Husband: Tell me man, what do you want? Do you agree to pay 20 lacs?

Husband : Sir, I wanted to have my wife back but now, if she is asking for divorce, I’m left with no other option but to comply to her desire. 20 lacs this is a huge amount and I don’t have it. My wife has already taken all what we had as our mutual saving and so, paying 20 lacs now to her, is now next to impossible for me.

Menaka : But we have spent even more than that over the marriage and so, I will not agree on anything less than this.

Police Officer: Ok, let’s do it like this, you both go to other room and discuss what the best figure you can agree on this.

Husband: Sir, I don’t want to go anywhere as I’ve no faith left. What she will agree with me at the back may deny later and so, let’s talk about it here only.

Menaka : There is no need to discuss any further as I’ll not agree on any other figure.

Police Officer to the husband: Decide man, I think you should agree to what she is asking else things will become difficult for you and your family.

Husband: Sir, please have mercy on us. I’ll not be able to pay this much. I can still try to pay somewhere around 50% of what is being asked by selling my fathers house as what I had saved that she has already taken.

Police Officer: I don’t think you have much of a choice but still I give you some more time to think about it. You can think over it once again for another 2 hrs. I suggest, check all your resources and then after 2 hrs from now, you all have to come here in my office again. Please do not try to take this lightly as you and your family is in big trouble already.

After 2 hrs

Police Officer to the husband: So, tell us what have you decided?

Husband: Sir, I have checked all my resources and honestly telling you that paying 20 lacs is not just possible for me.

Menaka’s Brother to the Police Officer: Sir, this fellow is telling a lie. He has 2 houses and a car and he is holding good position in a MNC. He can definitely pay this amount.

Menaka : I’ve told my final figure, officer. I’ve no time to waste. If they do not agree to my demand, I want you to take an action against them and file an FIR for dowry harassment.

Police Office to the husband: Look man, I’m left with no other option but to comply to the ladies desire if you don’t agree to her demand. You have old father & mother, why you don’t agree.

You know because of your adamant attitude, your old parents will have to suffer along with you. I suggest, you sign this agreement and pay your wife the amount she is asking else you guys will have to go to prison....PRISION. ..PRISION. ....!!

Husband shocked! One hand it is his wife demanding openly in front of Police officer 20lacks, but the same had not been termed as crime, but without any evidence he termed criminal along with his mother and married sisters.

Came back to home, socked, and depressed thinking how such injustice can be done with him? He is not afraid to go to jail, but why his mother and married sisters to be termed as criminal? He did not find any hope and started to search in internet “how to suicide “ and found a link some where Save Indian Family - Yahoo Groups  is a strong team of dedicated families comprising of victims of misuse of 498A, Misuse of R@pe law & all gender biased laws of India .


They run self supported volunteer’s helpline also and he called them for help or going to end his life .He was again shocked to know every 9 min one married men ending their life in India and no one have any concern.

When he called me , I asked him , what you will get by ending the life ? 


Do you think they will spare your mother or sisters if you die? We have enough examples after death of husband still his mother/sisters running in court under DV or 498A cases.

He asked so that to do?

I gave him the formula: Your stress = Uncertainty x Importance. First make one of them Zero. Your fear of arrest you are giving too much importance and the uncertainty, will you get bail or not going to vanish.

So, we decide if Bhagaht Singh can go to jail , why not we? If at all we have to die, let go to jail and then in jail itself will start hunger strike against such injustice but will not waste the life like more than 68000 married men are doing every year.

He made the importance Zero of fear to go to jail and cancel the idea of ending his life and became a commando of SIF movement.

Start reading RTI , various LAW books , Judgments and ever miss the weekly meeting of SIF .

Few hours back seen his Facebook post as : " Today is my happiest day in life, court had given verdict in my 498A case and my mother, sister along with me given clean chit , we are found not guilty. Yes I have done it. "

#BackFromTheDead  A Day in Women Cell!!



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I will also get the justice of sending me to jail.