Thursday, 20 March 2014

Think 10 times before vote to Mr. Kapil Sibal in Elections 2014.

When, in 2005, Save Indian Family Movement was founded, Men were already ignored and the Law Makers, under the pressure from heavily funded Feminist groups were coming up with Legislation which in name of Women Empowerment were creating “assassin’s weapon” to penalize Men and bring in more and more hatred against men in the society.

Since then, Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement has helped over 10 Lakh families across the globe who have been suffering at the hands of various Gender Biased Laws of India. Through it’s various NGOs, including Save FamilyFoundation, Delhi (Regd. NGO), SIF has been tirelessly working towards bringing peace and harmony to lives of Men and their family members dues to various False and Frivolous litigation instituted via these “Easy to Misuse” Gender Biased Laws.

In the coming Elections2014 SIF and their associated NGO's appeal to all abused/depressed Men and their family members to think 10 times before Vote to Mr. Kapil Sibbal along with all Face book and Twitter users also, as all of you must know:

For the Same even Supreme court of India had asked government to re-look the same , but Mr. Kapil Sibal had not taken any action to re-peal  law , as it looks he is more interested to send people behind the bar if any think written against against Government and thus try to shut the mouth of all Young Voters of India.

RS approves Husband Killer Property Garbing LAW in name of Easy Divorce to Women.

Your hard earned money/property does not belong to you. You are going to loose your hard earned money/property/child under this law even without any fault of you.

The Bill allows parties to file for divorce on the ground of "irretrievable breakdown" of marriage, but if Husband file divorce wife can oppose the same on the ground of "Financial Hardship" but if Wife file Divorce Husband can't oppose it, plus wife can claim Property/money, Child from husband irrespective the Fault of her or Husband. Let wife have 100 crs but husband will not get one rupees but if husband have 10L saving for future , he will be forced to give 50 to 70 %, even without any fault of him.

Mr. Kapil Sibbal said the divorce is “gender neutral” (is a pure lie, as the word had not changed from husband/wife to spouse, as followed by all over world), the right over property/Child will not be gender neutral as wife can lay claim on husband’s immovable/movable property and also run away with Child.

During discussions, several MPs across party lines, even a Congress MP, suggested the Bill to be made gender neutral and should not be confined to Hindu marriages only.But their numbers fall Flat as BJP & Congress Join hands to pass at the time of voting.

The erstwhile Law Minister, Shri Kapil Sibal, had the opportunity to bring back the trust of the
society into the Law Making process and ensure the Natural Justice system in India ,  but he chose to work otherwise.

Looking at such kind of treatment given to the very People who he represented & such backstabbing done to the society, Men’s Rights groups across the globe would be campaigning against Mr. Sibal. Kapil Sibal is the contestant for Indian National Congress from Chandani Chowk, Delhi. We, with this Press Release, would request all voters to not to trust candidate like Mr. Sibal who misused & abused his power of a Cabinet Minister.

We, hereby advise all voters to think 10 times before vote to Mr. Sibal . You may vote any other candidate of your choice or can vote under NOTA (None of the above) option.


You have option to Vote to Mr. Kapil Sibbal and bring your own death like every year more than 68000 married men ending their life under suicide as per NCRB data.

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