Friday, 21 February 2014

Harmony in society: Swarup Sarkar at TEDxGBU

Founder member: Save Family Foundation
Promoting family & marital harmony to support/help the distressed men and their families.

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Anonymous said...

Your SIF member, Partha on his blog, thinks that one incident can be used to portray violence torwards me.

I will study the video and come up with my analysis.

Rashmi, a feminist

Swarup Sarkar said...

The problem is when a single incidence of crime against men used to make biased ,unfair law ,no one concern. This time the same came to public as the programer was live ,otherwise the same also had been suppressed like every crime done by women against men had been suppressed. This is not a single issue, this is extreme promotion of violence , no normal humans can endorse. The LAW like domestic violence ,rape, crpc125 should be gender neutral , women do not do crime , why all funded feminist and women org afraid to accept the gender neutral law.

Anonymous said...

Statistics with the family counselling centre service provider under the Domestic Violence Act (DVA), 2006, pegs the number of harassed husbands at 70% as per data recorded between 2013 and 2014, said Anshuman Shukla, principal counsellor in family court. The numbers have shot up after the passage of Domestic Violence Act (DVA) in the last five years, he said. Rashmi ji TOI news read this please.

Oh n as usual take this 70% also as just one incident

ur time is up ur time is now men r back tk give respect n take respect
Number of battered husbands in Jabalpur on the rise
Manjari Mishra,TNN | Feb 15, 2014, 02.18AM IST 

MINISTER said...

A study by the centre also found that the stretch between Jabalpur, Amarkantak to Hoshangabad is full of sadhus who broke marriage vows and took to the saffron robe.

shan said...

Sex in living relationship consider as rape (after woman Complain)
BUT what if woman want to stop relationship.
Its consider as her choice.
Joke of law .

This law should be gender neutral.