Thursday, 27 February 2014

Save Indian Family Movement - Foundation Day

Save Indian Family ( SIF)  Movement started on 10th March and this is the first time that we have planned to Celebrate what we always should have celebrated : Save Indian Family Movement - Foundation Day

This Foundation day marks the start of Hope, Hope that Men can live with Dignity, with Respect, with their own Aspirations and Life.

SIF came into formation on 10th March 2005 (see the cover picture of this event) and to Celebrate this biggest step towards Men's welfare and to give hope to Families across the globe, we are celebrating Foundation Day in 2014.

It takes 9 months for a child to take birth, it took us 9 years to celebrate the Foundation of the very backbone of the SIF Movement . And we celebrate it on 9th March 2014.

So there is a mega celebration happening in Delhi and ALL ARE INVITED along with your Parents and family.

We would be unveiling the FIRST EVER Magazine of SIF, namely "Save Family Magazine".

All members are invited to share Articles, Poetry, Stories, Research in Save Family Magazine. Language would be English and the Word Limit is 1500-2000 words.

This magazine will mark our step into publications and we will make the BEST mark with it.

On the Eve of Foundation day a "Save Family Magazine" will be lunched print as well as e-copy also.

Coming Soon : 

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