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Supreme Court quashes rape charges against filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar

No punishment for Ms. Preeti Jain, for wasting 9 years of government and court resources.. why?

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If Sc want to stop such false/fabricated case, must punish such women, as she is not a "small child"  or "abala Nari"!!

Same type of allegation against Mr. Rahull Gandhi, SC fined 10 Lacks to the petitioner, why she got Scot free for wasting court and other resources 9 years?

Need the amend in rape law , as mutual physical relation can't be termed as rape if one of partner find after wards the relationship does not work out, a lot of women also end the realtiohsip , does that to be termed as Rape?

So, Mr.Jhon Abrham also can file a Rape case against Ms. Bipasha Basu, as she had not married and end the relationship?

Any small child also will say , it is not rape, but our Great Law makers failed to understand the same, result today we witness every day the cry for Rape is increasing by misuse the loophole in the Rape law the physical relation was under consent or without consent.

In the Judgment though Supreme court had Quashed the FIR, but no where they had mentioned any Punishment for those who file such false/fabricated FIR. It is the time Supreme court must start punish such people for making False and Fabricated FIR to give a messages that "Legal Terrorism" also a crime in this country, as government forget about to propose any punishment, they have not ready to even give a small provision of warning to such people, result more and more false/fabricated FIR getting registered every day in and out.

Just read another news where Supreme court fined Rs.10 lacks for making false and Fabricated Rape case against Mr. Rahull Gandhi , but why the same rule do not apply for common people who faced false and fabricated dowry cases?

"In a landmark judgement today, a two-judge bench of the Supreme Court of India dismissed with heavy cause a false, frivolous and politically motivated petition against Rahul Gandhi. The court found that the petitioner's had abused the process of the court in order to wrongly and deliberately malign and damage the public image and reputation of Gandhi. 16 reasons for abuse of court by the petitioners had been cited by the Supreme Court, including putting forth falsehoods, misstatement of the facts and even filing incorrect affidavits before the Supreme Court," said General Secretary Janardhan Dwivedi.

"Heavy cost of Rs. ten lakh have been imposed against the petitioners by the Supreme Court. There was no illegal detention or rape by Gandhi and the allegations are false, entirely without substance and without an iota of evidence. A CBI investigation into the conspiracy hatched against Gandhi and a CBI investigation against the petitioners is to continue and the CBI is to report to the court within six months, including on the contradictory stand taken by the petitioner Kishore Samrite before the Supreme Court," he added.
The Supreme Court earlier today dismissed a case against Rahul Gandhi, saying 'the allegation is without substance and without an iota of evidence'.

Congress welcomes SC order to dismiss alleged case of rape against Rahul Gandhi

The Supreme Court earlier today dismissed a case against Rahul Gandhi, saying 'the allegation is without substance and without an iota of evidence'.
The apex court, which fined former Samajwadi Party MLA Kishore Samrite Rs. five lakhs, said that Gandhi's reputation and that of his family had been damaged by the lawsuit.


Request all to wake up and meet your MP/MLA/Minister and demand :

1. The word "Men/women" should be replaced by the word "Person" immediately. If Women do not rape the Men, means physical relation with out consent of other party, why they afraid to accept the Gender Neutral Rape law?
2. Any Physical relation with promise of marriage or any other benefit should not be termed as Rape, it should resolved as per Fraud/cheating/blackmailing law as per merit of cases.
3. When two adult person living together without marriage the same termed "Live-in-relation" and if any partner want to come out from the same should not be crime, as people have choice to choose live together after marriage or before marriage.
4.Marriage related LAW should be made bailable offense, like all over world have and to be resolved in civil law only. If there is any crime done the same is already covered in IPC by Domestic violence law, attempt to murder law, hurt to injury law, extortion and blackmailing law along with dowry provision act DP3/4.
4.  Such law not only duplication of law , but abuse of natural Justice system of India.Where the women and their family can get whole sale free license to abuse the Mens and do the extortion of money/property in the name of Rape under mutual consent physical realtionship. Why the same should not be termed as crime?
5. By default punishment to misuser should be must when court find the FIR had been registered to hide their own crime or to gain any favor like money/property from other party.

Join SIF Team to Stop this legal terrorism of India and demand to replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse to all marriage related LAW or policy like all over world follow instead of making assumption that all wives born in Raja Harish Chandra family ( never lie) and all husbands born in Criminal family.


(Crime Is Crime. Punishment should be irrespective of gender, religion and caste. Let us be honest and fight for truth)
Madhur Bhandarkar: I’m speechless and overwhelmed

The filmmaker says he is relieved after the Supreme Court Monday stayed criminal proceedings against him in a rape charge levelled by actor Preeti Jain

“I am speechless and overwhelmed with the kind of relief I got from the trauma my family and me have been going through from the last eight years,” Bhandarkar told a TV channel after the verdict was announced. While staying the proceedings, an apex court bench headed by Justice HL Dattu issued notice to the Maharashtra government and Jain on Bhandarkar’s plea to quash the case. Bhandarkar had challenged the Bombay High Court order asking him to face trial in the alleged rape case.

“We always said it’s a false case and the case where victim said, ‘Give me the role in 48 hours otherwise I will put a case against you.’ There was no whisper of rape in that whole legal thing. Also, at the same time, she gave notice to another person and said, ‘I am pregnant and you accept the paternity of my child’,” he said.

In July 2004, Jain had lodged a complaint alleging that Bhandarkar had raped her several times between 1999 and 2004 under the pretext of marrying her and casting her as actress in his movies. A Mumbai metropolitan court had, in September last year, found substance in Jain’s complaint, and issued process against Bhandarkar, directing him to face the trial. However, the magistrate’s court in November last year had granted anticipatory bail to the Bollywood filmmaker. “Since then I have been fighting and the police has made a closure report not once but twice saying that it is a false case, as there is no proof. I was still going through this ordeal from so many years. I went to High Court and they said you again go down. Again we wanted to squash the whole matter and that’s the reason we came to the Apex court today and I am glad,” he said.
Bhandarkar says he is fighter and that the trauma never dampened his spirit. “I am the one who believed in fighting. Even in the movie-making also. I received a National Award for Page 3 and Fashion…. My movies have done well at the box office.”
I could not stop crying: Madhur Bhandarkar: HT News

Madhur Bhandarkar’s judgment day seemed to be a scene straight out of one of his films.

“I was standing at a little distance from the place where the proceeding was going on, so I did not hear the judgment clearly. When people started dispersing, my lawyer came up to me and said that the court has quashed the charges. I did not know what to say, how to react, I was shocked … I had become numb and tears rolled down my cheeks,” he told us, describing his emotions as the Supreme Court dropped rape charges against the filmmaker on Monday.
“As everyone was looking at me, I went to an isolated corner and wept for two minutes, which gave me immense relief. My family and I’ve gone through this for more than eight years now,” said Bhandarkar, referring to what he’s had to face ever since starlet Preeti Jain accused him of casting couch.

“I was told my career is finished and I have no way to go, but I decided to deal with it strongly, and the result is for all to see. I made good films, won a National Award, gained respect in the industry, worked with the biggest stars and finally came out victorious,” he said.

A free man now
The Supreme Court on Monday quashed the rape case filed against Madhur Bhandarkar by starlet Preeti Jain eight years ago. Jain alleged that Bhandarkar had raped her 16 times between 1999 and 2004, with a promise to cast her in his films.
Filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar
The Case Timeline
July 2004:
Preeti Jain had lodged a complaint against Madhur Bhandarkar claiming that he had raped her several times between 1999 and 2004 under the pretext of marrying her and casting her as actress in his movies. September 2011: A Mumbai metropolitan court had found substance in Jain's complaint, and issued processes against Bhandarkar, directing him to face the trial.
November 2011: The magistrate court had granted anticipatory bail to the Bollywood filmmaker in the case.
March 2012: The Bombay High Court on Thursday rejected the application of filmmaker Madhur Bhandarkar to stay the process against him in a Mumbai metropolitan court in the Preeti Jain rape case.
Following the Bombay high court’s rejection, Bhandarkar decided to move the Supreme Court seeking relief in the alleged rape case filed by Preeti Jain.

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