Saturday, 13 October 2018

Don't get fooled by #MeToo gang . #SpeakUpMan to Stop #MeToo4Publicity

Unfair Law or Policy can't bring any Fairness in Society .There is No Law in India to Punish any Girls or Women who Rape, Molest Man, as the law is not Gender Neutral . So , when a Man try to say his assault , instead of consider him as Victim , he himself had been termed as Molester , Rapist. More than 35 country have gender neutral Work Place Harassment LAW , but in India its does not Protect Men or women when the assault done by Women. Result all Rapist Women are moving freely in India , as the same not crime for them in India.

Don't get fooled by #MeToo gang . #SpeakUpMan to Stop abuse of Men and Demand Gender Neutral law. If Women do not do such crime , why they afraid for Gender neutral Law?

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Anonymous said...

Dear men either you don't get married or accept things as it is.

Be prepared to live as a slave of your wife/partner, work for her, live for her and serve her parents, relatives and her friends (especially male friends).

It's a situation worldwide.

You or your previous generation are responsible for your current situation in society.

Reason- allowing women to break social rule, giving them priority out of any situation, accepting all their mistakes/excuses, enabling them more supportive laws, considering their words as genuine everytime.

Please realise, this is not 100 years back where you can expect loyal, honest, humble girls as your girl friend or wife or partner.

Men are paying the price for the deeds which they never did(may be their foreparents have done something crazy). Yes politics, money, pressure, social position are playing major role for men's situation across the world. no one ever heard men's voice, and it won't be heard until something unique, out of the box happens.

However, men are still alive. every men in the world carries the responsibility to provide carefree, good upbringing to their parents,wife,child.let our son live similar life as our daughter (proud of the nation).

May be we are done with our life but for the sake of humanity, let us please work collaboratively to bring the changes, its already toooo late. Let our son be proud that we are his father.

I heard one line "mard ko dard nahin hota".
it is for older generation where only good people were living..I request any big celebrity to come forward and say "men can also have physical pain, emotions, self respect like every women in the world".

I am not saying all these out of frustration but it's true that men's are in the cage of so called patriarchical society where they cannot express their feelings, can't cry in public, can't grow up, carry the burden of responsibility after 20 years of age, sacrifice their owners interest/desire, no laws, forced to marry, have to fight for women to bring more biased law and it will go on..

The main reason is : a women always think about welfare of another women when it comes to rights, but a men(practically no rights) is selfish and always think about himself only.