Tuesday, 2 October 2018

#TanushreeDutta allegations against #NanaPatekar: All you need to know: 2008 Video!

#TanushreeDutta allegations against #NanaPatekar: All you need to know , how we Indian men are stupid . Thanks to #MeToo gang .

#SpeakUpMan or next can be You too.

Now #MeToo gang will you believe this Journalist Men too like #TanushreeDutta ?

Very Interesting : #TanushreeDutta made so many Allegation against #NanaPatekar , #GansehAcharya, #VivekAgnihotri , #RajThackeray , #MNS , Indian Judiciary , but no allegation against Pankaj Bhardwaj ( he claim to be Media Camera Man of Sahara News) , who seen damaging her car .
Here evidence is there , but her silence about this incidence raise a Big Question mark or the act of Pankaj Bhardwaj is not to be termed as Crime or Harassment ? 
Seems some thing she is hiding which she does not want the real truth to come in Public domain ? 

There must be Police complaint copy available on record  , why not all big Media House get that copy and tell to Public what was written there ? 

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Dilpreet Singh said...

Wow. This video is life saver against alleged molestation. This man is really brave.