Wednesday, 3 October 2018

For #MenCommission in India Need to act before 2019 Election : #SpeakUpMan by Amit Lakhani

President of Men Well Fare Trust (MWT) - Mr. Amit Lakahani address the gathering at Jantar Mantar on 2nd Oct-2018 for the Road map and action plan to create #MenCommission in India .

#SpeakUpMan , when any Political party come to your door for your Vote , all Men must demand their 5 Points agenda and must Create importance of #MaleVote . More than 70 Years all Political party ignored the well fare of Men in this country, result men are getting help less and end their life which we termed as Suicide .

Stop Abuse of Men and Join hands to #SpeakUpMan Movement to create Men Commission In India.

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Saurabh singh said...

Bahut hi acha kaha Amit lakhani ji ne. #SpeakUpMan and I am always there to support the correct demand of #MensCommission #PurushAyog