Friday, 20 November 2015

International Men's Day message by Sonali Kulkarni !!

At a time when maximum Bollywood actor’s still prefer to keep their silence or mum on the fear for being get termed as anti-women, but not afraid an Indian Actress Ms. Sonali Kulkarni.

In her personnel messages she recognize the effort, sacrifice men do in their life and appeal to give some margin to men too, as they also need some space.

She says: “Men are not from Mars, they are from Earth ,which even organizations like UN (United nation) failed to understand. She clearly able to understand , how our Boys  burdened , even before to get right to Vote.They have to start work to earn bread and butter for their family"
School drop outs of Boys are increasing, Sexual abuse of Boys found more than 53%  , but our Women and Child Ministry never shown any concern for such poor boys welfare .

Neither Society or LAW makers had liberated Men from their Protectors and Providers role , but increased their burden by making multiple Unfair laws where any disputes Men vs Women the man had been termed as Rapist, molesters or wife beaters .

Today even men are not safe in Traffic light crossing, any Tina or Mina can term you molester and prominent Media without any shame will declare guilty even before without hear your concern.

In 2007, when I first associated to celebrate the Idea of Men’s day in India in big way, a honest confession today, had discussed the same with many Media Journalist, but maximum Men Journalist even refused to discuss and blindly said it’s #MensWorld and there is no place of a Day to recornise .  The self-less effort, sacrifice of common men does for family, society to be taken as Granted only .

But there was some Women Journalist like Ms. Veenu Snadhu of HT , Vineeta Pandey of DNA who called Us and try to understand why we need to celebrate the International Men’s Day. They made some front page articles and encourage many of us to take the cause to masses and since then no looking back.

Today large number of  men as well as Women Journalist, actors, actress, Sports person , common men , social activist , young girls and boys feeling happy to know that in our history such a day is celebrated .

Every year more and more country and Organizations Coming forward to support the same and toady all are saying : Respect Men, Men are Human too in their own innovative way .

This year we even witness in Twitter Hash tag like #WearBlue , #ShowMenSomeLove on the eve of International Men’s day the women had outnumbered in tweet than men .

Almost all FM radio station all over India whole day wishes Happy Men’s day to their listeners.

Victim of Murder, Suicide, and Accident in every country men outnumbered women by 2 to 3 times, still Misandric UN prefer to sleep and ignore the issues men faced in their every day life.

But who cares, UN recognize or not today many men and women understand the need of #MensDay19Nov as Men are Human too.

God had given enough Power to both Men as well Women to destroy each others or Love each other, but when both compliment each others the world became wonderful and when they try to compete against each others , the world get destroys .

So, Choice available with you . Wants to Show Men some Love with respect or keep abuse them and promote male hater !!

History grantee, what ever you will choice love or hate, in return you will get the same with interest, 100% grantee.

Respect Men , Men are Human too !!


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Unknown said...

In fact, United Nations (UN) has an hidden agenda that is why it has forced its member countries to adopt an un-natural laws, even USA has not been spared.

We know that every women must be respected, but in the name and sake of respect and dignity, 'basic principle of governing laws- Audi Alteram Partem must be observed' at every stage of juridical processes from the recording of a complaint to police action to judicial actions.

But, this is being avoided, and based on mere perception, administrative and juridical actions are taken.

Obviously, society will become great sufferer, and this is happening.