Thursday, 3 January 2013

Wake up call for Indian Men: Be Ready for False/Fabricated Rape Case on you!

By citing some extreme cases of rape and murder , Indian government and women organizations are on process to change the Present Rape law as mentioned below :

( Present punishment for rape is minimum 7 years and maximum life sentence).

Government and women organizations proposal  under consideration:

1. The Punishment should be Hang to death even for simple rape, presently it is Rape and Murder.
2. Proposal for chemical castration to men.
3. Acused have to prove that he had not done the rape, the women does not need to give any proof ( even medical test also not need to file rape cases), her verbal statement is sufficient to term any one rapist , she have to just claim she had been raped or gang raped and who ever to be named to be arrested immediately and they will not get bail till the case is over, let case goes no 1months or 20 years.
4. As soon as she file the case let it be true or false, she will get minimum 2 Lacks rupees. Rupees 50 thousands immediately and then as case progress. This is irrespective the case is true or false.
5. A rape victim will get government job by default, so now you do not need any qualification or skill to get a government Job, you have to just get raped and secure a government Job.
6. Consent to sex: Any physical relation, at the time she can be fine or even she can enjoy the same, but after ward she can change her mind and term the same a rape with excuse like , she was drunk, she was promised for marriage, she was promised for job, she was under threat ,  means the consent is depend purely on women's will and wish.
7. Most important the law commission advice to make the rape law "Gender Neutral", so that any rape by women to other women , men to other men, women to child can be covered, but women organizations and govt not ready to do that.
8. For any disputes in marriage or divorce the wife can file the Rape case on you along with 498A, DV act, Crpc125, Section24, Child custody and you will not have any defense.
9. There should not be any Punishment to women for making "False and Fabricated" rape or gang Rape case to any one.
10. A man can't be file rape case against women , let she rape you every day and then cut your body in 11 or 17 pieces.

Our Proposal : 

If you really want the same should not be misused left ,right and center the way in 498A/DV act the word relative misused .
Be ready the Rape statistics will be double in next two years and it will became another extortion, blackmailing and easy money earning business for all Advocate, Police and greedy people.

Summary of our Recommendations and Request to meet your MP/MLA/Ministers and demand:

1)    Make Rape Law Gender Neutral as in other countries of the globe
2)    Relationship cheating cases should not be allowed to be converted into rape cases which suck the scare resources from genuine rape cases.
3)    False complaints of Rape cases, should be punished severely, so that genuine cases like ‘Nirbhaya’, gets justice.
4)    Introduce the much required police reforms to increase conviction rates of rape cases
5)    Introduce the much required judicial reforms for speedier justice and to increase conviction rates of rape cases.

·        All references to “Man” or “Woman” must be replaced with the word “Person” or “Whosoever”
·        All references to “His” or “Her” to be must be replaced with the word “His or Her”
·        All references to  “He” or  “She” must be replaced with the word “He or She”
·        All references to the word ‘Husband” or “Wife” must be replaced with the word “Spouse”

Live-in-relationship or marriage disputes should not be be included in the Sexual Assault as the same already covered under Domestic Violence act.

Must read : 

When a women rape a man it called Love as per LAW, Society and media..right? 



Swarup Sarkar said...

From toady we had started a massive email campaign, those interested can Join the SIF team. This much I can do. Rest I leave it to people , when they will come to us by getting hit with false/fabricated cases along with their mothers/sisters, we may tell them that time please go to India gate to show the mombatti ( candle),you had made your own death sentence.

Manuj Gupta said...

media and people are going with the wind...therefore the reality is not see the geniunity one has to face the wind...the truth is always must realize before litting the candles...or the candle will be used for MAN's cremation later....rise men rise...

Anonymous said...

Sir request you to add a facebook account login page to the website. I totaly agree with your website. Born as an Indian men is a misery everyone is going through. We men have to work towards a sex neutral society. One bad incident and the government makes a law to help women for the sake of votes and popularism. I just hope that these end or else we men will have no where to go. Our mothers and sisters who are also women are forced to live a tortured life just because another women decides to ruin our lives.

I am a victim of matrimonial laws in India. Wish I had a full body fracture before taking 7 'ferras' of marriage and spoiling my whole life for which I worked day-in and day-out.

In the name of institution of marriage, I am living a life of fear, depression and stress. I have stopped meeting people and do the basic things to support my family.

UA from Hyderabad

Swarup Sarkar said...

Join the SIF group

Partha said...

Absolutely valid points mentioned at the right time..when we said these no one listened to us see the result

Santadeep Mondal said...

no, its time to wake up, both for us and laws. otherwise really a bad time coming....

kavita said...

A mockery of the law has been made by women and girls who don't think twice before implicating an innocent person in such cases as even law enforcement agencies are afraid of being charged for non cooperation in these types of cases. A person charged with such case should be given time to reply before being taken into custody and labeled as a criminal.

Mayank Dixit said...

Sir I live in delhi at Brijpuri Delhi -94 ,Sir since last 1 year I am in depression and for it I am taking medicine regularly
It's reason is that wife of my brother and my brother also blamed me ..they always warn me to arrest in any frud cases. They always abuse to my mother and father also. She has beaten to my mother many times in the presence of my brother.. And my brother also support her..they always say to my mom and dad that they will destroy career of mine..
So we always make keep quite and bear their misbehave
Sir I m in depression due to this .I can't bear this situation more.. Suicide thoughts always come to my mind but I stop because what will be happened with my parents.
Sir please help me
Mayank dixit
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