Monday, 31 December 2012

Times of india News : Minor raped with mother's consent, 2 held

Sub: Times of india News : Minor raped with mother's consent, 2 held

Now why the law should be gender neutral and why maximum country the same is gender neutral in the name of sexual assault : reference is below, do not think all women are good and they do not do sexual assault.

JAIPUR: A 16-year old girl was raped by the paramour of her mother in Chomu area in Jaipur district. The police were shocked to find that the minor was raped with the consent of her mother. On the basis of the victim's complaint, police arrested the man and her mother on Sunday.

Media, women's organizations, feminists, politicians will keep their mouth shut when these incidents happen because the crime has been committed by a woman.

Another news : Huma Khan sentenced to 3 years jail for torturing minor girl: Why Electronic media is silent?

Huma Khan, a 47-year-old actress who had appeared in a string of C grade films during the late 80s and early 90s, has been charged for kidnapping and criminal intimidation and sentenced to three years of rigorous imprisonment by Additional Sessions Court Judge AR Waghwate.

Criminal does not have any gender, religion or caste.

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Caution : If any Law or policy made without keeping in mind the history of mistakes and possibility of misuses clause , with the assumption that all women born in Raja Harish chandra family ( never lie) and all men born in criminal family , will lead to a disharmony in society and  net results will be the "INCREASE IN CRIME IN SOCIETY".

Choice to you to support a "Gender Neutral balanced law" by which both men or women can lead a dignified life or refuse to accept that women can also do the heinous crime and make one sided biased law to fulfill the long fantasy of Indian male haters organizations , how to kill men legally and the same should not be termed as crime.

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