Thursday, 27 September 2018

Adultery not A crime : IPC497 Unconstitutional by SC, but Men have to continue to Pay Price !

Last 158 years , a crime Adultery which was done by Both Men & Women together , but IPC497 was never termed Un-Constitutional in spite lacks of Men had been termed as criminal .

Then the various study came out that increasing number of women in adultery, killing of Husband by women due to adultery and demand to push to adulterous women also along with Men. It was almost common agreement among public that women also should be punishment for the same crime if men had been punished as in that crime both are having 50:50 partnership.

Even LAW commission came out with commendation that the law should be Gender Neutral .

The demand was starting keep rising every day , but alas , how can our Supreme Court term a crime done by Women as Crime in India and send a "Fertile Women" to Jail ?

They do not have any problem to send any age old women or unmarried women to jail in 498A or 304B law.

So Supreme Court of India after 158 yrs ,  today wake up and termed IPC497 ( adultery) is Un-Constitutional. 
The Supreme Court on Thursday unanimously struck down Section 497 of the Indian Penal Code that makes adultery a punishable offence for men. In four separate but concurring judgments, the five-judge bench of the Supreme Court said the 158-year-old law was unconstitutional and fell foul of Article 21 (Right to life and personal liberty) and Article 14 (Right to equality).

The apex court also declared Section 198(1) and 198(2) of the CrPC, which allows a husband to bring charges against the man with whom his wife committed adultery, unconstitutional. Chief Justice of India Dipak Misra, who pronounced the judgment in concurrence with Justice AM Khanwilkar, said while adultery could be a ground for civil issues, including dissolution of marriage, it could not be a criminal offence. 

Way back in 2006 , it was asked to me whatt is our view on such LAW , we categorically said , adultery should be a criminal law or civil law the word should be Person instead of Men or Women and Spouse instead of Husband or Wife.

The argument of national Commission stand was Adultery by Women cant be termed as Crime , as she is victim , not the men. So , it never became as Gender Neutral Crime in India and Men continue to pay the price for a crime which done by both Men and women as a 50 : 50 partnership.

Now as the IPC497 became un-constitutional instead of making it Gender Neutral , means a married women Lived or Living in adultery cant be questioned . She can even Claim Money from her Husband in CRPC125 , Domestic Violence Act , can term husband Criminal under 498A which Supreme Court does not find Un-constitutional .

Hey Stupid Indian Men , you married a Women , now you beg, brow or steal , you have to provide her Food, Home, Money and whatever she want as a wife to make her happy, even through out your age old parents from their own Home, as you married her.

But when comes to sexual relationship , She can have as many Man as she want , its her right . She have have multiple sexual partner and your Job to provide Money to her as per LAW like CRPC125, Domestic Violence Act , Section 24 irrespective its her fault or your fault.

Now , if as a Men forget to get involved to any adultery , don't even to dare to dream , not only you , your parents , sisters , Brothers ,  all be send to Jail under 498A , as Supreme Court says they cant even act to correct the Loop Hole in any Law made by parliament , forget about to term the same Unconstitutional .

So , hey stupid Indian Men Change your Mind set , marriage does not mean she had taken oath that she will be committed to you , she can have as many Men as she like , its her constitutional Right , if you dis agree , be ready to go to Jail along with your parents , Brother , sisters too.

#SpeakUpMan or the day is not too far , Supreme Court is going to make new law : "Any crime done by Women should not be termed as Crime in Book of Law ." 
In a country where : Adultery by married Women is not a Crime but any aligation by women for simple verbal abuse , mental abuse , economical abuse , staring to women , refusal to marry by Men - is heinous crime as per IPC354 (Molestation) , IPC376 ( Rape) , IPC498A .

Time to enjoy the unleash #LegalTerrorism against men by Indian Law Makers and supported by Judiciary . Be ready for more extortion , Blackmailing , irrespective its your fault or her Fault .  

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