Friday, 28 September 2018


Press Release on Adultery & Sabrimala Verdict of Supreme Court

Men Welfare Trust (Regd. NGO) is part of Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement which is the biggest representative of Men’s Rights Movement of India. SIF is a conglomerate of over 40 NGOs across India & Abroad, working tirelessly for Men;s Rights in India. SIF has been working for Empowerment of Men at Legal, Policy, Health, Govt Budgeting level. SIF conducts weekly Support group meetings at over 30 places in India, 5 places outside India. In addition, SIF also runs multiple Websites, Blogs, Email support groups and even Whatsapp First Aid groups to help and support Indian men and boys. SIF runs the world’s largest Private Helpline for Men in Distress, “SIF One”, which gets over 6000 calls every month. SIF One Android Mobile app also allows Men/Boys in distress to connect with SIF.

September 2018 continues to be BLACK SEPTEMBER in the lives of Indian Men.

This Month, after Triple Talaq Ordinance and removal of Family Welfare Committee, 2 more blows to the rights and dignity of men have happened:

Ø  Hon’ble Supreme Court decriminalized IPC 497 #AdulteryØ  Hon’ble Supreme Court allowed entry of women to #Sabrimala Shrine


The Hon’ble Supreme Court in a 5 judges bench, headed by Chief Justice of India, decriminalized Adultery thus making Sexual relationship outside the Marriage not a Criminal Offence.

With the way the definition and reality of Marriage has changed in India, where Husbands were forced to live under constant fear of False Dowry, Maintenance, Domestic Violence, Custody cases, Adultery law was the only protection they had in case of adulterous wife filling false bouquet of cases. That shield, which could have helped Husband prove the Cruelty he has undergone because of Wife’ Adultery has been taken off and Husbands are left defenceless.

The Hon’ble Supreme Court while pronouncing the judgment mentioned that Husband is not a Master of the wife. MWT wishes to submit an amendment that, No Spouse if Master or Other Spouse. It is highly unfortunate that though the Husband is not a Master of Wife, but still the Hon’ble Supreme Court allowed archaic and draconian laws like Maintenance, Alimony laws which force the Husband to be the PROVIDER to his wife.

With the removal of Adultery law, which gave 100% immunity to an Adulterous wife, now wife will have no deterrent in having Sexual Relationship outside her marriage. It would be pertinent to add that a Husband, if at all, even talks to another female (or doesn’t even do that much), a wife has all the right to file Criminal Case on her Husband (and his entire family members) under IPC 498A, CrPC 125, PWDVA 2005 and many other sections.

It had been our demand for long time that Adultery law MUST be amended to make it Gender Neutral. With Hon’ble Supreme Court doing away with the law inspite of correcting it, the value of Marriage has been left to nothing in India. Now the big question remains, CAN A CHILD BE EVER BE SURE WHO IS IT’S FATHER?


                Entry of women between 10-50 years of age was not allowed in the shrine of Sabrimala, which is considered to be the abode of Celibate Lord Ayyappa. Interestingly, a religious sentiment case, was conveniently converted and viewed as a Feminist Issue which means that Feminists don’t regard females under 10 years and over 50 years as women at all.

                Hon’ble Supreme Court 5 judges bench, headed by Chief Justice of India, also used terms like “Patriarchy”, “Women not inferior to Men” etc. Though, the case was never a Gender based case, the Hon’ble Supreme Court verdict made it like one.

                MWT believes in religious autonomy to remain untouched by Judiciary but would request the Hon’ble Supreme Court to also issue directions to Attukal Temple, Chakkulathukavu Temple, Santoshi Maa ‘Vrat’, Lord Brahma Temple (Pushkar), Bhagati Maa Temple (Kanyakumari), Mata Temple (Muzaffarpur), Trimbakeshwar Temple, Kamrup Kamakhya Temple TO ALLOW MEN INSIDE THESE TEMPLES FOR THE SAME EQUALITY.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Swarup Sir

Thank you very much for your contribution to society and because of you people "Male" gender exists in India and living their life.
Thanks once again for your whole hearted effort to bring gender neutrality and justice to male in current generation.

You have created self funded NGO SIF and participate in many events. But India is a very big country. And growing very fast as per European society. We need to take 10 steps at a time instead of one step to match with the pace of other gender.

I am a victim of women centric laws of India..I lost all my hard earned money and job for full and final settlement..major thing was social boycott and insult.suicide like feeling was also there many times..I belong to a small town where women and their families are very much aware of how to misuse women centric laws in India.

Indian men are not raising their voice because

1. No money/benefits if they contribute like the opposite gender get.
2. No publicity if they contribute like the opposite gender get.
3. Thinking that why to involve in all these.waste of time..what I will get..why to make enemy with women and all.lets enjoy life
4. No ministry for men, so no one there to support and hear. However for women all men and women will support and stand for their rights (even without thinking whether they are right or wrong)
5. No paid surveys by govt. (the way they sponsor women and child) which can be considered as legal and official.
6. Society always support women with tears. in case rich/powerful men commits some mistake then they cover that with money/minister power rest men have nothing in their hand.
7. They think why will govt listen as most of the laws, social support, political support are meant for married women's only.
8. No external support/funding(from other countries) which will motivate and give benefits/acknowledgement to all fighters
9. Fear of Social boycott/stigma, fear of not getting room rental, fear of loss of job, politics in office premises if Opposite gender is his boss as they are fighting against the existing law.
10. When male child is born, then they are given the training to respect mother, sister and women. Be kind to girls, give way to girls, do tough work like lifting anything as they are born TITANS. So in men's perception women are weak. So they cannot think of the fact that women can create problems to them.
11. Men are looking for excuse as they think that my life is good, my wife is good then why to even think about this. They take it as patient-doctor kind thing. Also if men has girl friend then those males also not interested in this kind of activities.

There are many points like this.

My only fear that because of men's silence( not just simply talking over internet or advertisement) your fight for justice (more than a decade I believe) must not be affected.

I am making aware to many men, boys about practical truth of getting married in India. And in near future I wish to be an active fighter for male rights.

I know it's a very long Comment but I think that,i should put it here.

Please accept my apologies upfront if I wrote anything wrong.