Monday, 22 February 2016

SIFAR Presents - Voice of Underprivileged Gender with MRA Vitesh Aggarwal

Neither Society or LAW makers had liberated Men from their Protectors and Providers role , but increased their burden by making multiple Unfair laws where any disputes Men vs Women the man had been termed as Rapist, molesters or wife beaters .

Today even men are not safe in Traffic light crossing, any Tina or Mina can term you molester and prominent Media without any shame will declare guilty even before without hear your concern.
Help Line for abused/distressed Men ( SIF - One) : +91-8882498498 .

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Hussein Ali @wisehussein said...

State of True Affairs in India... Law for select few, Justice for a particular gender suffer under false belief that Men need no help, no protection, no laws. Ruin their Lives and Earn Well, a scheme well encouraged by today's Gender biased laws & Govt. 's apathy and hatred for Indian MEN & their families.