Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Demand of Reverse Dowry ( Sowry) In India not Crime!

An ever-increasing number of the city's privileged women and Men are waking up to this brutal reality.An estimated 95% of the Story received by the Save Indian Family Yahoo Group ( SIF) in recent times have been from the IIT , IIM , IT, MBA and well educated People who believes in hard working , honesty and self respecting and well settled in their Carrier .

In their wildest dream also they and their age old Parents or Sister never ever thought , that they will one day visit a court room or Police Station , but in reality , today their day start after visiting the Court Room or Police Station .

It's a fact borne out by Mrs. Vijya ( A school teacher )and his son Anil Sharma. When Anil married Sangeeta, a high-profile entrepreneur, featured often in the lifestyle pages of the dailies, she thought his son found his dream partner."Last year, though, Anil came to us, complaining that Sangeeta was involved with someone else, and was mentally and physically torturing him. The case has now gone to the courts," revealed a SIF Volunteer.

More surprising is — 98% of the Story that come to SIF is Sorry-related (reverse of Dowry). Obviously, money is never enough. Interestingly, a high 85% relate to harassment by in-laws, blackmailing, and extortion of money, putting false 498A and dowry harassment case.

"Marriages are a status statement for this level of society. Invariably, the expectations of high demanding wife and their parents are became very illogical and the poor husband and their family not able to met. On the other and the Men bears the brunt of the disappointment, as you can see in false 498A case, (which Supreme court of India described as “Legal Terrorism"

The matter doesn't stop at harassment though, it soon degenerates to physical abuse, threat to kill, defame in the society and office by the support of a lot of Women Organization. According to Mahesh Tiwari, A Supreme court Lawyer: "Domestic violence is never contained by money. The Husband and their parents and Sister get little support from the LAW, Police and Human Right Organization and are at the mercy of the Wife and their family."Since that amorphous commodity, reputation is at a premium, cases are generally hushed up, admitted By Mr. Mahesh Tiwari."The trend is to strike a compromise in the range of 10 to 50 Lacks , legal dowry , which is termed as Sowry Harassment .

"The domestic violence that you witness at this level is very different. For instance, we've had cases where the family would ensure that no marks would be left on the Husband and Mother in LAW , Sister –In Law body .But the physical and mental trauma is still enormous," added Ashish .

Relationships with in-laws are no different in this strata, agreed experts. Ashish cited the case of a couple where the Wife,working in a call center, was actively encouraged to continue her extra-marital affair by her parents as they felt their Son-in-law didn't contribute to the family budget."Education doesn't make any difference. In our society, it's easy to hit your Husband and his mother, sister and get away with it," rued Ashish.

The figures certainly point to it.Of the 162 story received over the past six months with SIF, 159were against the wife or in-laws about Sowry demand starting from 2 lacks to 90 Lacks.A telling 82 involved physical violence against the Husband and their relatives.

"It's more frustrating when the Husband and their parents and sister knows that there are no options outside , as media , Human right organization have enough time and money to protect the TADA/POTA Victim , but as WHO ( World Health Organization ) , say there is a Missing Voice ,

“ The biggest problem of India is Non caring Nature of Daughter –In –Law , for which they abuse the Elders , but for that forget any Punishment , there is no Provision for a Small warning for them . So those Dishonest Daughter –in –Law , doing the Legal Terrorism as Our government had given them the Whole sale Free License for that .”

Recent Help Age Report also confirms : 44% Elder abuse by Daughter-in-Law , 33% by Daughters and 22% by son , still in Media it is always shown the harassment by Men, a desperate attempt to hide the real fact of Harassment to Elders by Daughter-in-law or by Daughter .

Join SIF Team to Stop this legal terrorism of India and demand to replace the word Husband/wife to Spouse to all marriage related LAW or policy like all over world follow instead of making assumption that all wives born in Raja Harish Chandra family ( never lie) and all husbands born in Criminal family.


Anonymous said...

hi this is Ramendra .my divorce is processed some days back with mutual will require 4 months more to get order. My wife is BE graduate.My wife had affair with one guy before marriage and it continued after marriage too. now she is staying with that guy with his parents.she has done marriage in small temple just for sake. however she is disturbed now.not happy over there.Her parents supports me.But her parents indirectly asking for luggage and gold of her.Howver considering my expenses for my marriage and our life together , my family had spent around 6-7 lacs of rupees

My questions is that if they demand for Gold and home luggage, what shall i do? and once i get divorce order,shall i recover economic losses from her parents if they trouble us ? and how can i recover losses happened to me.

Sachin Karale said...

This is Ramendra. My divorce has been processed 2 months back due to mutual consent. i will get its order after 4 months. History : My wife had affair with one guy before marriage which is continued after marriage. Her parents knew very well.they hide from us. She is BE Engineering graduate.Now She lives with that guy along with his parents.However she is disturbed.Her parents are in contact with me. so i got this update.
During marriage times and during staying with her , i had spent around 7-8 lacs Rupess.Apart from it, i have been facing disturbance mentally. Her parents are playing politics and indirectly asking for gold and luggage at my present home. i am not willing to give them. If they trouble me, i am thinking to recover such economic losses and other losses from them. Please guide me how shall i recover those economic losses and other losses if they trouble me more.