Monday, 5 May 2014

Why safety of Men had been ignored in Delhi Metro ?

Through a letter Save Family Foundation , a Delhi based NGO asked Delhi Metro Officials , Why safety of Men had been ignored in Delhi Metro ?

When, in 2005, Save Indian Family Movement was founded, Men were already ignored and the Law and policy Makers, under the pressure from heavily funded Feminist groups were coming up with Legislations or Policy which in name of Women Empowerment were creating “assassin’s weapon” to penalize Men and bring in more and more hatred against men in the society. Since then, Save Indian Family (SIF) Movement has helped over 10 Lakh families across the globe who has been suffering at the hands of various Gender Biased Laws of India. Through it’s various allied NGOs, including (SFF) Save Family Foundation, Delhi (Regd. NGO), Hridaya – Nest of Family Harmony, Kolkata (Regd. NGO), SIF has been tirelessly working towards bringing peace and harmony to lives of Men and their family members dues to various False and Frivolous litigation instituted via these “Easy to Misuse” Gender Biased Laws and policy.

We are getting various complaint in our SIF-One, Men-Help-Line Number: 0-8882-498-498 , that men had been harassed , abused, Pick pockets and when they try to complaint after caught red-handed the women/girls , they are threatened them to file Molestation/attempt to rape cases like IPC354 or IPC375 without any evidence.

We as daily commuter of Delhi Metro acknowledge that Delhi Metro is minus any doubt one of world's best Transportation Facility given by Government of India to Residents of Delhi/NCR. Like other Government Departments such as Women & Child Development Ministry, N.C.W. etc, Delhi Metro has also shown the concern about Women Safety but totally ignored the safety of Men.

Then there are special gangs working, who steal the purse/wallet of male passengers as reported by CISF deputed on METRO stations through country's top leading newspaper. On approaching Metro police, they refuse register Complaints from men. In case of women, all complaints registered without any supporting evidences.

Beware! Those pickpockets in Delhi Metro are women ...

However, according to the recent data released by the Central Industrial Security Force (CISF), among the total pickpockets nabbed in the Delhi Metro in 2013, 92 per cent of them are women.

We know that you may under pressure from Women & Child Development Ministry, National Commission of Women and other associated women activists but you can’t ignore the safety of men and avoid to running away from your responsibility to make metro a crime free area for men also.

We have certain genuine concern, regarding this issue with some objections with their logical reasons: -
1. Delhi Metro has reserved special or we can say exclusive compartment only for women. If some male enters that compartment by mistake or urgency, he is fined Rs 250 or even beaten left and right. But if women enter a compartment where majority of passengers are male, she can give excuse that this is general compartment in spite of reservation, she is not fined at all because no compartment is reserved for man. Moreover, still there are seats reserved for "Ladies" in general compartment, which should be removed on immediate effect.

Q. When the whole single compartment is reserved for ladies, then why there are seats reserved for "Ladies" in general compartment?
Q. If ladies/girls feel unsafe while traveling with male passengers, then why Ladies/girls should be allowed to enter in general compartment?
Q as Daily user, we have seen girls/ladies don't corporate with senior citizens. When Lady/girl sitting on seats reserved for "SENIOR CITIZEN" doesn't offer the seat to same, then how you will tackle this issue?
Q. There are various reports confirmed, more than 92% Pick pocketer are girls/women in Delhi Metro. When they caught red handed, many had even filed false/fabricated molestation cases against men under new IPC354. So, in fear many had avoided to register the complaint.

2. Delhi Metro earns almost all of its revenue from passengers. Delhi Metro gives FREE RIDES TO GIRLS/LADIES IN OCCASION OF RAKSHABANDHAN, and then we (male passengers) should also be given same concession on same occasion.

We (male passengers) already paying more 85% taxes to government, you can file RTI to verify this fact which we have done already. Then we (male passengers) pay money to our sisters & have to provide them protection for free (FREE MONEY & PROTECTION).

In such situation any concession on the basis of Gender is totally unacceptable, as in RAKSHABANDHAN, not only sisters brothers also need to travel.

LIVE RECENT EXAMPLE: Have you not seen failed model of "Women only DTC buses" due to which DTC incurring huge losses? Hope you will not convert the Delhi Metro also like D.T.C buses.

Our members, already written protest letters to you many times but no solid action had been taken from your side.

This clearly shows that Delhi metro doesn't show any concern about male passenger safety & treats male passengers as second class of citizens.

So, would request you to consider the below measures on TOP priority:

  1. Safety of men should not be ignored and the pickpockets Photo should be published in all Metro station and they should be stopped in security checking area itself.
  2. Two compartments should be reserved exclusive for Men.
  3. Without any evidence no Molestation case should be accepted and through CCTV the truth to be identified and if any girls file false complaint the IPC182 to be used to punish them.
  4. In any occasion, the free ride to be for both genders instead of only one gender.
  5. Any physical Violence towards men, the necessary complaint to be registered on the spot.
  6. A specific Help team for men to be formed to address their problem.

The men in india gogin through the injustice and thier safety had been taken as granted since long , but now it looks orginisations like SFF , becaming a HOPE for many men of india.

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