Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Many Future success Story to be re-write with #VelfieOnNokiaXL

I had received many time links to join many Blogger meet, but never shown any interest. But when got the invitation from IndiBlogger Meets with #VelfieOnNokiaXL , some emotion got attached , as my first mobile phone was from Nokia only.
A person who had gone through all the ups and down of life and today understand one think +Ve in life is the key of your success and Nokia-XL going to sponsors that , can’t able to resist my self.

So, first time reached to IndiBlogger Meets.

When reached to hall of the meet, find many young bloggers, witness their enthusiasm, still I was thinking that may be I am not in right place, as the cause I fight had never been considered as Social Cause specially those are still to be get married, they spend hours to learn every issue except the law related to their married life, the way I used to do , so just was sitting silently and observing all.

IndiaBlogers Meet sponsored by Nokia XL

Then some bloggers started to introduce themselves as how they blog, what they blog, how they inspired to write more and more blogs and today blog is their identity.

But, no one even aware that every 8 min a mother or sisters in India lost their married son or Brother and the same is increasing in rocket speed; the way I was unaware till came to know the crime bure suicide data.

They all know how women get abused, many of them even believe that the suicide of married women is far more than married men in India, so only many laws had been made to protect them, but the reality is totally different.

So, take some courage and share to all, about my blog “Stop Abuse of Men “, there was pin drop silence for the moment, but suddenly hear the claps from others , make my another perception wrong, that all bloggers are male haters.

Then come Rajiv Makhni and Vikas Khanna and make all fun, activity, some double meaning Jokes make all Laughs, enjoy and have fun.

But first time came to Know how some misconception about NOKIAXL was like it can’t download Gogol apps or can’t do multi task. That’s called Myth.

Being a marketing guy, not need me much time to understand how competitors do negative publicity of your product and how negative or Myth or twisted fact/features of your product reach to customers much faster speed than air without any advertisement.

Love the way Nokia XL uses such Platform to send their messages and the power of Blogger’s network once again established. Rajiv Makhni should had been a marketing guy than News anchor.

So, what was myth about Nokia XL ?
  1. It can’t down load apps of Google Store.
  2. It can’t do multi task on Phone

I know it is not so easy to remove the Myth from people’s mind, specially about the negative publicity by your competitors, but the power of Blogger’s network can do that, as here truth prevails with evidence and live examples.

Mr. Rajiv Makhni and Mr. Vikas Khanna break the myth with live examples with a lot of fun, a kick back to all those who spread rumors with their half knowledge.

Photo: IndiBlogger Meets meet Delhi

Nokia XL with the power full camera, strong recording devices, Big screen, multi task activity and with the help of various app, many abused/distressed men going to re-write their success story very soon.

In the dinner time meet many bloggers , discussed about NokiaXL ,thier ethics , brand value , at the same time many had question about how to Stop Abuse of men ?

Who ever I meet all confirmed at least one of their friends or relative had faced false rape cases from their GF or suffered in false dowry cases from their wives and end up with Divorce, but never had thought or tried to write about their story. Yes, we prefer to sleep when others home caught fire, till it reach to our own home, seems the same logic apply here.

All of them think and have strong believe , the chances of getting a false case on them or chances of Divorce is NIL in their life time . All the 68000 married men also used to think same way and when the same happened to them, unable to handle the same and prefer to end their own life with guilt feeling how stupid was they.

This is another Myth we witness, like Nokia XL faced. You can be honest; always truth full, you might have not done any wrong, but how you will ensure others also should be honest and will not misuse the law for their personnel gain or extortion? As to term any one a rapist or wife beater , there is no need of any medical or other documentary evidence required , only a verbal allegation can term you criminal irrespective you have done the crime or not done the crime.

While driving back to home , it takes me in , in the year 2005 , when I was distressed, abused  looking for some helpline for men in Internet , find the same in some 10th page of Google , which was neither a website or news article , it was a Blog , called victim of Misuse of Dowry law.

That Blog bring me to the virtual world and I got associated with the movement called SIF (Save Indian Family).

The internet was full of article and case story how women had been abused, how but no one was talking about the abuse of men, when men also faced acid attack, men also cut by 13 or 17 pieces by their wives and her boyfriends.

I started write many article with lot of spelling mistakes to all media houses, authority , but all used to go their dustbin.

Then in the month of May, I met a bloggers from USA and he advised me to start Blogs and write my views, but I had no clue about how to write a Blog.

Being a Textile engineers and Marketing guy, I used to thought only a guy who had IT degree can make blog. So, naturally I had shown no interest to start my blog and by seeing my laziness the guy from USA create a Blog for me and send me the link and password.

I was surprised; it was so simple than open an Email account or a Face book account. Since then no stopping and started to write various suffering of men through my Blog, which had been noticed by several media houses, government authority and even by Judiciary.

First time I had term the misuse of criminal law is nothing but Legal Terrorism, many had asked me to close such blogs, but in after few days the whole internet and media house publish that Supreme Court of India had termed misuse of 498A is nothing but unleash the Legal terrorism.

Today blogs are our own media, able to reach maximum masses , reached to many abused and distressed men and their Family to provide a helping hand , create a platform for them to came , share pain, joy , love and be happy.

As we always advice to all men, when you face the abuse , recording of such abuse is must, otherwise no one will believe your pain ,as there is a strong myth prevails , if a women slap a men, definitely men had done some think wrong or if the men slap a women , then also the men done some think wrong.

 #VelfieOnNokiaXL is going to be very instrumental tools for all abused/distressed men of India, as recording of their abuse, is most important to break the Myth that when a women slap to men does not mean the Men at wrong.

Be a Blogger and Keep Blogging… it is not a rocket science at all.

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