Saturday, 1 June 2019

India: Jobless Men 6.2% vs Women 5.2% , But who Cares ?

Due to #UnfairLaw and Policy by India Government and #MiLord of Judiciary the Life of Men is getting miserable day by day .

Unemployment rate, highest in 45 years, touches 6.1 by HT News :
The joblessness among male on all India basis was 6.2 per cent, while it was 5.7 per cent in case of females.

But the burden of Men in India increasing by rocket speed at Workplace, Home and Road Too . Their are Judgments by #MiLord of Judiciary #Jobloss can't be a Ground to deny maintenance to wife , but #Jobless for Women can be a ground to seek maintenance from Husband !

God had given the two Hand, Two legs , two eyes , one Brian to both Man and Women , but law makers put the protector and provider burden on Men only in any relationship.

Political party do not fear for loss of #MenVote , society does not care for Men problem, empowered women term Men are ugliest spices of earth, Chief Minister term poor boys are #RejectedMall , Twitter Women say #MenAreTrash and Indian Media feel proud by terming them as wife beater/dowry seeker/molester/Rapist

Life of Men became miserable and every year the suicide of Men is keep increasing , but does any one care ?

Its looks the only solution : Men themselves have to liberate from their Protector and Provider Role , then only some #Hope4Men in this country to have a dignified Life , no other option !

#SpeakUpMan to #StopAbuseMen !

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