Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Shocking 5 to 6 % Shortage of marriage able Men vs Women In India

Every day you are witness of Huge cry that the Girls Child are less vs Boys in India due to Female foeticide . In the name of Female foeticide huge fund had been collected , many tax prayer money had been wasted in advertisement and many program.
The chances of Female foeticide lies on loophole in Abortion law, but no one have dare to touch that and keep blaming Indian men, where many of our survey shows more than 90% men want a girls child , where as it is women members of the family desperate for Boy child.

Medical termination of pregnancy is a prerogative bestowed by Indian law exclusively on women and men have no role to play. (Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act, 1971 - Section 4 (b) - No pregnancy shall be terminated except with the consent of the pregnant woman.)

But how many gone through the Census data and analysis, except that we have 940 women against 1000 men in India ?

Some hidden fact is here , if you go through the Single Year Age Data - C13 Table (India/States/UTs )

You have to go through the data of 2001 vs 2011, what change?

( A child in 2001 of age 1yr should be 11yr in 2011 right?)
Missing women Vs Men :

So on that basis if we compare :

Total Men missing : 4.16Crs/57.66%
Total Women missing: 3.07crs/42.34%.
Means : Approx 1.11Crs Men are missing more than women in India.
So if 577 men are missing , only 423 women are missing and difference of 153 per 1000 population.

Now Let see the number of Boys vs Girls ( 1-10Years data of 2011)

Boys : 13.03Crs/52.27%

Girls : 11.9Crs./47.73%

So as a base of Total Population for 1000 boys are 523 and  Girls are 477 a deficit of 45 per 1000 population.

Means the boys is extra : 1.13Crs.
Now when census will happen in 2021 will not 1.11 crs men will be vanish than women?
The most important think we are talking about what will happen in future , but have any one shown any concern of present situation?
Every time we see the cry the girls parents , women activist that to marry off Girls is not so easy, so they have to offer dowry etc.
We always wonder if the supply of men is 1000 vs 940 women as claimed by Census data, why there should not be shortage of Women and reverse dowry system had been started , right? Why Girls parents have to search day night a NRI boy ?
Here all gone wrong and even media journalist/editors had been also fooled by one sided analysis.
The truth lie, the average age of a men vs. women difference is about 3 to 5 years. Even Law also the marriage age for women is 18years and men is 21years.

Let consider women marriageable age 18 to 35 vs Men 21 to 38 years.
Available Men : 17.2Crs vs available women : 19.44Crs.

Means shortage of 2.42 Crs men and 533 women available against 467men , a deficit of 66 men(6.64%).

Let consider women marriageable age 18 to 37 vs Men 21 to 40 years.

Available Men : 18.94Crs vs available women :20.82 Crs.

Means shortage of 1.88 Crs men and 524 women available against 476men a deficit of 44 ( 4.73%).
Now one hand we are crying for future and neglecting the Present situation result there is no improvement observed.
All over world if we see as a total the 5 to 6 % more boys birth is as normal keeping in mind the missing Men are always higher than women , but who cares for that.
When our LAW makers form LAW and Policy with the half hacked data of some women organizations which not only mislead the media Journalist/editors to common people also.
Result we always see the operation in Right Leg , when the pain is in Left Leg.

In 2011 census data shows : 
Total Population : 121.02 Crs
Men : 62.37Crs/51.54%
Women : 58.65Crs/48.46%.
So for 1000 Population the Men is 515 and women is 485, means the difference is 31 per 1000 population.
But if any one say the difference is 31 , it will not be a breaking news , so how to increase the same ?
The Women organizations changed the base of calculation from Total Population to Men population as Base , result shows 940 women vs 1000 men, which is totally incorrect in field as the difference is not 60 , it is 30 only.
Statistics are really Mini Skirt!!! 

When you say 940 women against 1000 men , common people think it is 6% , but reality is on field the women population is less by 3.07% , not 6%.
In Total Population men more by 3.07% than women and it will go down to 2.29 by default in 2021 census , but never mentioned 15.31% men are getting missing more than women also , result misleading LAW policy and wastage of money.
The most important issue never come to knowledge in India there is a shortage of about 5 to 6% marriage able men compared to women.
Now the Question is who will supply the extra men to Indian women which we witness shortage in the range of 4 to 6 percent?

May be we have to import many more male from country like Bangladesh, Nepal for our Indian women.


Anonymous said...

1) When we see lakhs and lakhs of male sadhus/monks in kumbh melas, jain sadhus , buddhist sadhus etc(all who remain celibate till life), compared to them sadhvis(female celibate monks) are extremely extremely miniscule.
2) extremely young Soldiers (of marraigable age 25-40 )dying at war, combat operations, militancy operations, anti-naxal operations is however small .But still If you take the male and female soldiers (of marraigable age) who were killed in these operations, then there is 'almost' none of female soldiers killed in that.

-- there are so many many SUCH MINOR Factors while ADDITIONALLY contributes to even more depletion of men after the above figures of yours.

And Hence Nature somehow may be balancing itself the ratio at birth itself, to account for these things over a large period of time, even without any deliberate intervention of people of that scale. (in the same sense when economic theorist say that Share market is adjusting itself .., ecology is adjusting itself for the changes ...)

Anonymous said...

The child gender ratio is NOT 1:1. The "scientifically accpeted" natural child gender ratio[that is 0-6 years of age] is 1.06:1 (male per female).
Now in India it is quoted as number of female per thousand males. So the ideal number of child females per thousand child males is 943.
Now let us concentrate on Kerala. so, child sex ratio of Karala is 964. so, it is 21 females more than what it should have been.
So it means that taking up the population of 3.34 crores. It means 701400 lakhs of male child are missing.
OHH MY GOD.. so that means approx 7 lakh boys were killed in Kerala during their birth. Ohhh, what a gynocentric society. Let us save the boy child.

-- Above sounds something amiss.Why? If the same logic is extended to other states of India, and same cry and hullagulla is made about child sex ratio, then why with the same logic everybody is silent about kerala,pondicherry; where it is just reverse. Its anybody logical at heart knows that the above kind of feminazi logic is fully bullshit.
[ base data refernce: ]

-- HappyHuman

Partha said...

I did not understand this. :(

Anonymous said...

If so many millions of women are being killed, then why and why barring a few caught incidents. In the recent times there has been almost no doctor found doing the gender-selective abortion. Even after banning it through law, media's so much increased vigilance in India, why they are almost unable to unearth (in recent years) the gender-selective abortion clinics, of such a larges mass scale
I am still saying that very few incidents can be found , but the kind of large scale abortions (millions of missing women)being hyped is all bullshit.

It just same bullshit like 1 out of every 4 female been raped statistics, which is often repeated in feminized media and Govt policies there. But wonder that ask any gender philospher cumstatistician how unscientific the method of collection of data was. And when they used the same methodology to ask male participants later, then they were able to show that half of the males are themselves raped, this was done solely to show how bogus these silly statistics players are.

If anybody has time and patience to see through this madness and hysteria of poor and deliberate statistical manipulation; then It has become a joke like America searching for WMD(Weapons of Mass destruction) in Saddam Hussain regime, which were never there , in the first place. In the wave pseudo-political correctness nobody questions it.
- HappyHuman

Sandesh said...

Superb Analysis. Also it might be the case, that migrant Male workers are counted twice in census, leading to an inflated number of men on paper.