Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Who Killed Sheena Bora: Indarani Mukherjee ?

Prime face from the Gist of Media & Police reports  , Sheena Bora had been killed by her own mother or sister (Indarani Mukherjee ) , who had been arrested by Mumbai police, along with a Driver and an unknown third person.

But the fact is Seena was introduced to society as Indarani's Sister and tell us , who is dare to disbelieve that including alpha men like Mr. Peter or  any one , who are already victim of Misandric mind set, that Indarani Mukherjee will be lying ?

Sheena had not killed by Indarani Mukherjee, she had been killed due to our Misandric mindset and strong believe a Women never lie or cheat , which reminded us every day via various Laws, Media Trail  even many SC Judgments also said, the word of a women to be treated as Gospel truth and evidence.

Now 3- question:

1.    Why this story in all over media today
2.    Why Mr. Peter Mukherjee failed to discover the same earlier.
3.    If at all Mr. Peter had been discovered that , what had been his fate ?

·         Reason for Story all over media: 

This not the first case Mother killing their own Child , few days back we also witness a 13 year old boy Chaitanya also was killed by his own mother , but electronic media not feel the same as relevant to debate as the same not from a high profile family like Indrani .

Indarani Mukherjee and Sheena Bora  story gives enough suspense to raise TRP of any news Channel as we had earlier explained in Men Ngo’s National Conference:

The key of media reimporting lies on viewership’s and readership only.  The type of issue and stories they carries, which viewers or readers want to, know. 

It’s a fact we Indian men or women are victim of Misandric mind set , so we love to view or read a rape or women murder stories with more interest ( let it be false or true ) than a story like suffering of men like Gopal Shettey , who had spend 7 years in jail in a fake rape-cases.

The final verdicts of any cases let it be true or false does not give any suspense to readers or viewers but a allegations or FIR or Charge sheet keep every viewers or readers under suspense , what will be the final outcome of the case which is not known to them .

·         Reason why Mr. Peter Mukherjee Failed to discover truth earlier:

A valid question asked many in Times now debate , how it is possible Mr. Peter Mukherjee , does not know Sheena was Indarni’s Daughter in spite a Icon of establishing many Media houses , sharing the same home for so long ?

The justification came from alpha men like Mr. Peter Muhkerjee , that when his own son , Mr. Rahul Mukerjea, once told Sheena is not Indrani’s sister, but her daughter only , he preferred to believe his wife’s version than son’s version or claim.


Yes, you will get wondered if you are a victim of Misandric mindset (male hater)- Women Never lie or cheat. But if you had already came out from that virus will never be wondered.

It’s beyond reasonable dought Mr. Peter Mukherjee paid the price of his Misandric mindset and it’s not only peter alone many of you are also paid price or will have to pay in future.

IN a  recent survey done by Male factors team named : Beware of cheaters on matrimonial websites, revels maximum marriages men in this country done via various websites, social sites, hardly know about the full details of their wife’s family back ground. 

Experts who handle such cases and help the male victims by counseling them say that a man needs to be careful about the girls who –
  • Hide any information
  • Boast about their rejection criteria of boys
  • Highly qualified but not earning
  • Reside in far away location from that of the boy
  • Go out with friends with common friends or in groups
  • Ask for well earning grooms
  • Give you late replies on Whatsapp
  • Doesn’t share social media profiles
  • Are from affluent families, have politicians, lawyers, judges, police in their families
Almost all the respondents agreed that girls very often post fake profiles on websites. To be cautious one would need to verify their hard proofs of all documents. (Ever heard of background verification that big companies do?)

·         Reason if at all Mr. Peter Mukherjee discovered the same truth prefers to be silent:

After marriage many men able to found the hiding fact about their wife, start from age, educational qualification, family members details, medical problem, wife’s past relationship, wife’s present relationship with other men, wife’s having child from earlier marriage, wife’s hidden earlier marriage, per-marriage multiple abortion done, but question is what happen when they came to know about those truth and asked their wife, why she hidden the fact?

Various news revealed, where ever the CHILD DNA test of child ordered by court more than 90% cases found the men is not biological father of their child.

The moment those men asked their wife about their hidden fact, either they had been :

·         Killed like  Amit Bachchan or 
·         Lead to suicide or 
·         Termed as wife beater, dowry seeker, womanizer, if alive along with all his other family members also. 

None of the cases wife faced any criminal cases for hiding the fact , but all husbands along with his mother, sister, father, brothers are facing multiple litigation start from 498A , IPC354, CRPC125, Section24 , Domestic Violence years after years.

Many of you might have forget the Rape case against Ankit Tiwari . He was 25 years old and a 40 years old women termed him a rapist , as Ankit refuse to marry her after came to know she hidden the fact she was married earlier and have child also. 

So, Mr. Peter Mukherjee if at all knows the truth after marriage, what option he had? 

1.    Suicide
2.    Risk of getting Murdered
3.    Getting termed as Wife beater, Womanizers.

It’s not only peter Mukherjee , lacks of men like him are victim of Misandric mindset still unaware about the true fact of their wife in spite living together 20 or 30 years .

Those able to find the truth after marriage termed dowry seeker, wife beater or womanizer and those able to find before marriage termed as Rapist or molester.

Thanks to all our LAW Makers , media houses along with all women organizations , who had made multiple unfair laws , were the basic assumption is Women never lie or Cheat , any disputes Men vs Women , it’s men have to pay the price.

As a man if you discover any hidden fact of your partner before marriage you will be termed as Rapist and if you discover after marriage you will be termed as Wife beater, dowry seeker or womanizer.

Unfair Laws and media trail can’t bring fairness in any society, time to accept for LAW makers: replace all laws with Person than hide under Men/Women.

Documentary on NGO Working for men: SIFAR Released

SIFAR: Documentary Film on NGO Working for Men - YouTube

The volenters Gorup of Save Indian Family (SIF) , Delhi had released their first ever Documentary Short Film named "SIFAR" on 26 th August,2015 on YouTube. 

The Short film made much needed interest among viewers as witness with in 24 hours it attracted about 3000 views , which is highest ever any Documentary released in 2015 by any Top rated Production houses, on the issue related to Men in India. 

There are many documentary made by many Top rated production houses, but all was just for fun and failed to make impact about the any serious issue faced by Indian men in their day to day life. But this short film concentrate on more for providing a helping hand to abused, distressed men  of India.  

The inspiration of the film was to bring public notice about the issues like , Number of  Men Suicide , accident, murder , job loss, work place harassment increasing in India at rocket speed, due to multiple Unfair laws made by Indian Government .

The short film also aim to encourage many people to come out from silence and Join hands for the movement to stop abuse of men.

The SIFAR team promised us  to come out with more such Documentary in coming days , covering various issue related to men.

Today SIF became a Ray of hope for many abused/distressed men  of India. 

Join Hands to Stop Abuse of Men as Men are Human too.

Monday, 17 August 2015

My Two days at Men's Conference at Mumbai on 15th August

I have been attending the Save Indian Family Network Ngo’s National meet since 2009 when the first meet was held in Goa, followed by Shimla, Kolkata, Bangalore, Nagpur, Agra and this time at Mumbai.

Witness how the same had evolved over the years and growing how more and more NGo started working for men coming forward  and showing their concerns about distressed and abused men of India , which had been ignored by decades in spite men suicide is double than women, accident , murder , cancer , heart attack of men always outnumbered than women.

Every conference had given us 2 or 3 surprise insight along with our traditional Brain storms, concerns; idea sharing by various chapters, future threats etc and the Mumbai Conference also was not an exception.

  • Live Press Conference:

This time the conference was started with a real press conference as the same was requested by some media houses and radical feminist journalist groups and we take that challenge and faced their all anti-men questions. 

The press conference was not only for journalist , it provided many in sight to 180 activist from all over India , how to deal with journalist's Question related to off-topic, unrelated than real cause .

The press conference given opportunity to highlight some of our key success stories, concern, demands along with out of topic question , handling of journalist.

It was like a practical training Course for every activist, how to face press journalist. One need to have full knowledge of overall History of suffering of men and the same must be presented with backed up data, stories, logic along with your emotions.

Choice of words is the key while reply to uncomfortable question of Journalist like why few women join Men rights movement in spite we help them, when they call us  to help to their brother, son, friends, fathers or even Husband  get trapped in false cases like rape498a, work place harassment laws , etc.

There ate enough number of women associated with us to provide their helping hands to us when needed, but it’s you as men or women first have to recognize, harassment to other men is not funny or joke. They also deserve protection, support , as Men suicide is increasing year after year due to your own Misandric- male hater attitude.

It’s a movement and network for men NGO to bring in notice to common people of India how the suffering, abuse, Indian constitution article 21live & liberty, dignified life of a man had been denied via anti-men, unfair law & polices by Governments.  It’s about men’s right which is also human rights.

As an example:

Search in Google , more than 90% article written about amen’s issue are women Journalist.

Search in YouTube Video, electronic media anchors who sown some concern for men’s issue more than 70% are women anchors.

But more than 70% male anchors display their extreme Misandric-male haters mind set without any shame.

So it’s time to alpha Men to first wake up from Misandric mind set, than counting the head numbers of Women in Men’s conference.

It’s like if someone believe Earth is flat, you can’t change his/her perception as what he/she witness in bare eye the earth is flat only. One need to show him/her with evidence, logic, studies Earth is not Flat , it’s actually round , which you can’t see in your bare eye.

  • Summarized Video of Activity: Year 2014-2015:

The same followed by a wonder summarized impact-full one hour video of all Chapters /Groups/ NGOs activity in 2014 to 2015, which was crisp, interesting and very motivating for all to take forward the good works for next year’s also and reach new mile stones. 

Many views were the same should have been started before start Press conference than after leaving the journalist. But keeping in mind the valuable time of journalist the organizers prefer to not waste their time, as the same was to motivate to activist, who are going to work on field not the media Journalist.

  • Interview of Media Editors:

Two Media editors as Guest were interviewed by MRA to understand their perception & suggestions about the movement’s success and failures. Key concerns like why men’s suffering and their abuse does not get sufficient space in electronic and print media brought to their notice also.

It had been witness though the concern of men and their suffering had get some noticeable space in Print media compared to 10 years back, but the electronic media still one denial mode.

As per editors the allegations media are biased or anti-men may not be true, except few editors or Journalist sitting in a ladder in any specific organizations. The key of their reporting’s depend on viewer-ship and readership only.  The type of issue and stories they carries, which viewers or readers want to know.

It’s a fact we Indian men or women are victim of Misandric mind set , so we love to view or read a rape stories with more interest ( let it be false or true ) than a story like suffering of men like Gopal Shettey , who had spend 7 years in jail in a fake rape-cases.

It’s we love to shame and disclose the identity of a men on the mere allegations or FIR or Charge sheet , than shame or disclose the identity of a person after the final verdict who was wrong let the case false or true .

The final verdicts of any cases let it be true or false does not give any suspense to readers or viewers but a allegations or FIR or Charge sheet keep every viewers or readers under suspense , what will be the final outcome of the case which is not known to them .

So, it is expected in today’s competitive world, media will be interested to more on un-decided cases than decided court verdicts.

  • 76% men found not found guilty in rape cases, more than 90% men found not guilty in Dowry cases (498A), but such order/story does not give any fantasy to viewers as there is no suspense.

But when women make any allegations against men, such stories have more viewer-ship or readership, as there is suspense and thrill, fantasy available, result we see out of 100 stories 98 will be allegations based and hardly 1 or 2 will be final court verdict based.

Unfortunately in Final verdict of Court Men outnumbered women but men failed to outnumbered women on creating allegations based FIR or complaint and as viewers or readers want allegations based suspense, lead media to give more space to women’s allegations than court verdict based story.

  • Now the question comes is it fair to shame a person on mere allegations without court verdicts by disclosing the identity of accused? Is not our constitution says, a person is innocent till proven guilty?

As per editors our present law there is no restrictions on that, when the accused is men and its police disclose the identity of accused and lead to media trail. Along with that tooth less defamation and damage law of our country lead to such media trails and promote to term a person Guilty on mere allegations.

One of editor agreed and promise to support for urgent need of a law to protect the identify of accused also till the court final verdict comes and the necessary bill must be placed in parliament with all statistics and case studies.

The activist’s teams present total 10 Topics related to need of the movement, help line performance, suffering of men in India.

Every topic ended with feedback panel summaries the same and determines some key actionable strategy for all chapters and groups working for men well fare.

Resolution Passed:

  • The conference end with pass a resolution and maximum member’s agreed by massive voice vote.

The 7th SIF (Save Indian Family) National Meet, held in Mumbai, was attended by more than 175 activists from across the country representing 50 NGOs. It was two days of rigorous brainstorming session and the following resolutions were passed and signed by the representatives.

These resolutions are to be submitted to The Prime Minister of India for necessary future steps to be taken by the Government of India.

1.    India should have a “Commission for Men”.

2.    National Family Health Survey should include Domestic Violence on Men.

3.    Make Shared Parenting as per UN Convention of Child Rights.

4.    Effective counselling and helpline for distressed and abused men to reduce men’s suicide.

5.    Amendments of CrPC 340 and IPC 182 to punish misuse of laws as these present laws are ineffective.

6.    Protection of identity of accused person. Merely on an allegation, the identity of the accused should not be revealed to the media.

7.    In all gender biased laws, the terms ‘Man’ and ‘Woman’ should be replaced by the term ‘Person’ and also the terms ‘Husband’ and ‘Wife’ should be replaced by the term ‘Spouse’.

8.    Government should have separate funds and create policies to rehabilitate survivors of false cases.

The conference end with proposal for SIF- 8th National Meet conference of Men right’s activist will be held in South regions on 15th Aug, 2016 and the organize team will be SIF-Hyderabad.

A group was started in 2005 from a small yahoo group called “Save Indian Family”, one may love it or hate it, but can’t be ignored any more . 

Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Who really Killed Chaitanya with Cricket Bat ?

There is no wonder even god also fell ashamed and  not able to bear the daily in-human torture and the pain of Chaitanya , so prefer to call  him back from this cruel society than suffering every day in the hand of a monster mum of India.

Chaitanya , a 13 years old partially disabled child, having a dream to make his final place in  Indian Idol singing competition,  is not more with us. He had been killed by his own Monster mum at Pune.

He used to happily stay with his father at Nagpur, but due to court order he was forced to stay with her mother at Pune . We will never able to see Chaitanya will be taking part in any Singing competition any more.

With various news reports like NDTV , Mid day , Pune Mirror,  suggest Chaitanya had been killed by his own mother due to beating with a cricket bat, Police had arrest his mother and one man to whom she have some relationship as per her mobile call records.

Several chilling details have emerged in the cold-blooded murder of the partially disabled Pune teenager, Chaitanya Balpande, who was allegedly beaten to death by his mother and her alleged boyfriend last week. Investigations and statements from family members have led the police to suspect that the 13-year-old's murder had a rather sinister motive:

Mid-day's conversations with Rakhi's mother and neighbours also paint a picture of the 36-year-old as a monster mom, who used repeated beatings to keep the boy under her thumb. She would allegedly starve the partially disabled Chaitanya from time to time, force him to exercise for four hours and keep him up late at night. Rakhi had also threatened to file a kidnapping case against her own mother when the latter said she would take Chaitanya with her to save him from her abuse. A female neighbour who tried to intervene was kept at bay with the threat of filing a molestation case against her husband.

If you ask the law makers, who had killed Chaitanya, the answer may be given it’s his monster mother and her lover. From the news reports confirms Chaitanya was not killed for one day, many witness he was dying every day years after years all prefer to be a simple spectators.

But does it really so? Who really killed Chaitanya ?

Who all are deserved to be thanked for creating such barbaric Monster mum in India?

  • Thanks to Women and Child Ministry:

It’s not only Chaitanya , every day lacks of child had been getting abused, beaten and some have to end their life due to their monster mum in India , but unfortunately the issue never considered as child issue .Women and Child Minister always ignored the Child welfare in the name of women rights promotion.

WCD had successfully converted the Child issue = Women or girls child issue only. In spite of various studies available a father less child subject to 10 times more Physical abuse, sexual abuse, school dropout,  still our Great Maneka Gandhi who always prefer to advocate more and more anti-father , anti-child law / policy as a promotion of Father less child society in India. For them Father = just a free FREE ATM machine, nothing else.

Result: Boys school dropout became 39% vs Girls 31%. More than 56% boys sexually abused vs 44% girls. Child abuses my monster mum, gets Scot free and never got punished. Monster mum unable to take care child still given custody to them as default and keep fulfilling their demanding of money but did not allow the child to meet their own fathers.

Any disputes between husband vs wife, the custody of child had been given to Mother, let she be monster or drug addicted or have relationship with other men. Thanks to such Misandric Judges of India, who is also responsible for killing of child like Chaitanya.

Judges do not forget to award excessive money to wife in name of child care, but forget to give few hours visiting right to child to their own fathers. They do not understand it’s not a husband or wife right, its child right to meet their father and not allowing that is nothing but pure promotion of Child abuse.

  • Thanks to help less Grand Mothers:

As per report in NDTV news, the grandmother confessed, she was witness of beating chaitanya many times by his mother. But she had not able to show any courage to take him to Nagpur , as her own daughter threatened a kidnapping case. So, she prefer to leave alone Chaitanya in the custody of her own monster daughter.

  • Thanks to Monster mum’s own sister: ( Masi)

The news reports says the monster mum’s sister also crying foul, she also witness the abuse and beating of Chaitanya many times. Her sister was not a good mother and never taken care the child. She had been spending many times with the child and the child so very humble and loving.  Great, in spite of knowing all, she prefers to keep silence when in court Tarun (Chaitanya’s father) lost the child custody. If she had been said the same in front of judge, may today Chaitanya had been alive.

Many neighbours says they had witness number of times Chaitanya had been beaten, heard his pain full cry, had been locked in room, but none shown courage to rescue him, as his monster mum threatened them that she will file false molestation cases against them. If they had been used some common sense, a simple call to 100 of police without disclose of name also might have saved Chiatanya’s life.

Now the question is why a grand mother, sister, neighbor, judges all failed to save the life of Chaitanya, in spite of witness many abuse, ill treatment & beating?

It’s the biased Verma Committees members made such law’s without using their own brain , relay assumption a women never lie or never cheat in India  by which they had given protection to all such monster women of India , who can rape, who can murder, who can do adultery  and if any one dare to speak up , term them a rapist or molester .

Such mindless Misandric deserves special thanks for protecting such type monster or rapist women of India.

The Chaitanya’s had gone through every day’s abuse, ill-treatment, beating years after years and our Judiciary, society , neighbors, grandmothers, sisters ( masi) but all failed to give any justice to him, refused to give a human life in India.

There is no wonder even god also fell ashamed and  not able to bear the daily in-human torture and the pain of Chaitanya , so prefer to call  him back from this cruel society than suffering every day in the hand of a monster mum of India.

It’s time to make separate Child well fare ministry from WCD as top priority, or such monster mum will keep killing, abuse, beat & ill-treat the child as their birth right, as no one have right to question their wrong doing forget about any punishment, and we all will prefer to be just a spectators till it hit our own home.

RIP Chaitanya and give all courage to Tarun( Chaitanya’s father ) fight for justice, it’s not a monster mum is the killer, start from Verma Committees members , Law makers, WCD,  Indian Judiciary , Neighbour and all those who prefer to keep silence all are also real killer of  Chaitanya.

Save Indian Child from such Monster mum and women of India too , a Chaitanya can be suffering at your next also.

Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Indian Women are not liable for maintain Minor child or Old parents?

Responsibility to run Home should be on Women too : Says Judge Ms. Mona

We all know how women organizations and radical feminist gang keep blaming Indian society and mind set regarding preference of Son than girls in India. Given enough examples of how unfair Indian parents are towards their girl’s child.

But do you know who had promoted such mind set?

Do you know how they treat their own age old parents?

Do you know it is the women of the family prefer a son than girl’s more than male members?

Read the law CRPC125, the law was proposed by such women and radical feminist organizations only.

It may be noticed that Section 125(1) of Cr.P.C. reads as below:--

"Order for maintenance of wives, children and parents: -- (1) If any person having sufficient means neglects or refuses to maintain--
(a) his wife, unable to maintain herself, or
(b) his legitimate or illegitimate minor child, whether married or not unable to maintain itself, or
(c) his legitimate or illegitimate child (not being a married daughter) who has attained majority, where such child is by reason of any physical or mental abnormality or injury unable to maintain itself, or

(d) his father or mother, unable to maintain himself or herself, a Magistrate of the first class may upon proof of such neglect or refusal, order such person to make a monthly allowance for the maintenance of his wife or such child, father or mother at such monthly rate , as such Magistrate thinks fit, and to pay the same to such person as the Magistrate may from time to time direct:

Provided that the Magistrate may order the father of a minor female child referred to in Clause (b) to make such allowance, until she attains her majority if the Magistrate is satisfied that the husband of such minor female child, if married, is not possessed of sufficient means."

The question for consideration is whether the mother is liable to pay maintenance under Section 125(1)(b) of Cr.P.C. ?

It is true that in Clause (b) of Section 125 of Cr.P.C., the word used are 'his' legitimate or illegitimate minor child, and on that basis, it has been tried to be urged by many learned counsel for the petitioner that a mother would not be covered under this clause and cannot be held to be liable to pay maintenance.

Same way, women can’t be liable to maintain to her age old mother or father also as the word mentioned His, not his or her.

Go through Old age study, Elder abuse 32% by Daughter, 44% by Daughter-in-law, totally 76% and only 24% by son , but still as per DomesticViolence law an age old parents can’t file any case against daughter or daughter-in-law .

So, legally Indian women is not liable or responsible for any support to their own child , own age old parents , not punished if they do any Domestic Violence in family , where as every men is legally liable to maintain not only wife, child, age old parents , even Live-in partner also.

There were some HC judgements were available, where court had observed like, educated healthy women can’t simply sit idle and seek maintenance, earning women can’t refuse to maintain own child, but none of them got any node from Government when amended of law proposed. 

Like the Crpc125 had gone through many amended, like remove the cap for interim maintenance from Rs. 500 to Rs. 1500 and then remove all together and made it unlimited.

The CRPC125 also made the amended the word “Lived in adultery” to “living in adultery” lead to massive increase of adultery in India as women know if they got Caught red handed in adultery then also husband can’t refuse maintain her , as husband have to prove , she is still living in adultery . Tell me which stupid will continue the same when got caught red handed?

Result the wife advocate just say one word , she may be lived in adultery , but no evidence still she is living in adultery , all effort of Husband gone in dustbin. Keep paying her till she alive in-spite her wrong doing you caught red handed and proved in court.

Laws Loaded Against Men

So, the bottom line in when an India women is neither responsible nor liable to maintain even own child, age old parents and forget about Husband.  One must wonder, then what responsibility assigned to Indian women as per law.

NGOs working for men had bring the same to notice of Government , National commission of Women , Media houses , when we all agree on principal of No Work No Pay , then why you advocate to pay money to wife, when she is not staying with her Husband , even well educated , healthy also ?

When you are not staying with your husband, you have full free time and you can definitely work than sitting idle at home and keep claim money from husband, but when law gives you such free lunch why she will even try to work?

Unfair law promotes unfair practice only. If our government and women organizations really want fair treatment to women, they must amend the CRPC 125 as under:

1.      The word wife to be replaced by Spouse.
2.      The word His to be replaced by his or her.
3.      Living in adultery to be replaced by the word “Lived or living” in adultery.

If the same not done forget about any gender equality in this country and stop cry foul and keep blaming why Indian Parents prefer a son than daughter more or men should change their mind set.

First change your own mindset and accept every right comes with responsibility, at least take some responsibility for own child and age own parents in the law book, time being forget about taking care Husband.

We wonder under which university or collage it had been taught that by making unfair law, bring fairness in society? We would love to visit such education institutes.

Many of Misandric-Male haters will came out with logic, today’s women already taking care of their child, parents and even husbands also, right?

If so, why not get the same approved and recognized in the LAW book itself, when law does not recognize your effort which you claim doing for so long?

We know our Politicians and women organizations will never dare to amend such unfair law, as they themselves also enjoy the benefit of No Work but get paid, so it’s up to Supreme Court to take suo-motto action and correct the laws in the right sprite of Indian Constitution article 21: Right to live and liberty than hiding under special abused provision of 15(3).

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