Saturday, 1 October 2022

CJI Must review SC Regressive Verdict on #MTPAct Linking with #MaritalRape : A Open Letter

To : 
The Chief Justice of India, 
Supreme Court , New Delhi 

 Respected Sir, 

Being a responsible , law and constitution of India, abiding citizen, forced me to write this letter for your kind consideration to review the order passed by #MiLord Chandrachud, As Bopanna and JB Pardiwala. 

It was a perfect case where SC had opportunity to balance between Pro-Choice & Pro-Life by ordering or framing guidelines regarding unwanted unborn child or born child , how to take care via Women and Child Ministry Funded NGO. 

But it's pain to see that Pro-Life take back seat and pro-Choice take front seat and allow to kill a unborn child up to 24 weeks. Would like to attach the unborn Child reference Photo of 20 weeks and 24 weeks for your ready reference.

To bring your kind notice, Law makers already increased the law full right to abortion in #MTPAct from 12weeks to 20 weeks to 24 weeks for special cases, for which no one even objected. They are not just a fotues, its a life already formed. 

That's the reason maximum country are going towards Pro-Life than Pro-Choice. It's against humanity to allow kill a unborn child , rather than protecting a help less life.

Why this Judgement should be termed regressive and to be reviewed : 

1. Up to 20 weeks a women have pro-choice to decide the unborn child , does 20 weeks not sufficient for a women to decide ? If not where is end? Even just before deliver the baby or after deliver of baby also a women can claim to kill the child as per Pro-Choice and inability to take care the child, will SC allow the same too? 

2. To kill a unborn child the bench seek government support to such women to ensure safe killing of unborn child , but failed to consider same Government support should had been asked for saving the unborn child life. This not unfair ?

3. In the present case and pray by a unmarried women , there was no marriage involved, there was no forced or rape involved , still #MiLords entered in married relationship, was not uncalled for? Even on various case we asked to stick with the case at hand, where as #MiLords take a decision out of case without giving any opportunity of hearing from Husband side . Is that not Unfair? 

4. When the Rape Law is clearing mentioned any sexual relationship between Husband and wife , neither party can term other partner a Rapist, still on what basis #MiLords consider #MaritalRape should be a ground in #MTPAct ? It not entering and disrespect the Law making Process and Law makers wisdom? Is that allowed?

5. Regarding #MaritalRape Law already Delhi High Court given Spilt verdict and presently the same pending at SC. We had been reminded on multiple occasion by honorable court not to comment on sub judice case, but here #MiLords themselves giving judgment on a sub judice matters in a case which are not even related to any forced sex or rape case.  Why it should not considered an attempted to influence the on going cases in other court ?

6. After this #MTPAct order, every abortion can be termed as rape or  forced sex as in the order itself mentioned there is no requirement of any prove the claim is true or false. Is that called natural Justice? 

7. Most dangerous Part of the order: A Women (including wives) no need to prove there was any forced sex or rape . Her own word to be considered as gospel truth & she allowed to kill Unborn Child as per her wish & whims. Was #MTPAct was made for that purpose? Is that not Unfair?

With my limited submission, humble request to consider review the present order and correct the order accordingly keeping in mind the pro-life and respect the Indian existing Law .

My Pray : 

1. #MTPAct should be respected for 20weeks as per law makers wisdom and in case of special case pro-Life to considered and necessary guidelines and responsibility to Govt funded NGO to be given.

2. #MaritalRape should be removed from the Judgment as the same was never prayed in this petition and neither any submission considered why law makers don't allowed to term any sex between Husband and Wife not to be termed Rape. They have provided alternative remedy for the same to be used.

3. If Judiciary enters in law making process, does not respect law makers wisdom, then when Law makers will enters in the judiciary , it will not to be good for any citizen of India.

CC : Law and Justice Minister 
CC : Home Minister of India.

SC verdict on Abortion | #MaritalRape : Unmarried Women seek abortion of Child, no rape, no marriage, no force sex but why SC make order on #MaritalRape?
Now to give Birth a Child women may get 1-2L, but for killing unborn child may get 10 to 15L.



Saturday, 27 August 2022

कैसे हो रहा है पुरुषों का शोषण आखिर क्यों है पुरुष आयोग की जरूरत?

Saturday, 2 July 2022

Who will Judge a Judge? Justice Mr. S N Dhingra: #NupurSharmaCase

Sunday, 19 June 2022

#FathersDay: #EkUmeed: an initiative by SFFNGO and Men Welfare Trust Volunteers in Delhi.

Sunday, 12 June 2022

New Life by Harish Kumar: Delegate to all Indian #JohnnyDeep !

Saturday, 11 June 2022

Patio ka Ambedkar: Surender Sharma: कॉमेडी है, लेकिन 100% सच है!

Wedding Gift - Official Teaser - 4K - Wedding Gift | Vikram Prabhu | Prema | Nishan | Sonu

#ವೆಡ್ಡಿಂಗ್ಗಿಫ್ಟ್ #WeddingGift: Kannada movie industry has come forward in releasing a movie on misuse of #498A. @SIFKtka  jointly promoting this movie & our helpline. #kannadamovie.

SIF-One #Helpline4Men: 8882498498. Must watch to know how Husband destroyed.

Friday, 10 June 2022

75% Rape cases Court found A Men who was arrested are not Guilty. Why No...

Special Evidence Act 114A, where women's verbal statement to be presumed the sex between Men & Women is Rape, if women say same was without her consent, still more than 75% cases Court found A Men who arrested are not Guilty. 
Why the same not concern for #Lawmakers & #MiLords? 

Sunday, 15 May 2022

Marital Rape Verdict | Advocate J Sai Deepak | Other Side

Sunday, 17 April 2022

Side effect of Occasional Adultery | Live With Swarup Sarkar

Saturday, 26 March 2022

Judiciary & Women Activist says: A Rape is #Rape, Why A #Rapist not #Rapist in India? #JustAsking

Tuesday, 22 March 2022

Sub: Open Letter to Chief Justice of India: Does wives are Cattle of Husband?

 Sub: Open Letter to Chief Justice of India: Does wives are Cattle of Husband?


Honorable Chief Justice of India.

Supreme Court of India.

New Delhi, India-110001


Respected MiLord,

We respectfully bring to your notice about your comments in court room hearing as reported by Live Law and others legal media too. (Attached)

Twitter Link:

The words and approach taken to hear a matter, if true as mentioned, is not only disturbing but go against the modern day concept of Marriage of equal partnership, as advocated by various Honorable court and social activist multiple times and emphasis that wives are not Cattle of Husband in multiple issues.

Now few questions of Law and Natural Justice:

1.       Why a Husband had been taken as granted that he is duty bound to provide money to his wife, irrespective she is wrong or right, lived in adultery, treat Husband with cruelty?

2.       Under which law it says that a Husband is Duty Bound to Purchase Home in name of wife & he will be denied to even claim the same as his good conduct?

3.       Judiciary keeps reminding the duty of Husband, but why court never describe or remind the duty of Wife?

4.       If Job loss is a ground for wife to claim money from Husband, but why job loss should not be ground for Husband to claim money from wife? Here forget to claim money from wife, he had been forced to beg, borrow or steal to pay wife, how that fair and justify natural Justice?

5.       Child welfare: When wives claim she even can’t maintain herself, why the child custody given to such women? How it’s welfare of Child? Why child custody not given to husband, if wife can’t maintain child?

6.       God had given two hands, two legs and one head to both Men and women. Then why make husband only to work, earn and feed to women in the form of wife, till she alive or remarry as per CRPC125? Is this called equal partnership in marriage in India?


7.       Do you know the Suicide of Husband since 1980 onwards are increasing? Why it’s increasing does judiciary ever investigated? The burden of wives every duty in marriage had been converted to her choice (even adultery), but why the same should be done with Husband as his choice? (Attached Graph)

8.       If a women fail to earn his live hood before or after marriage, who is responsible, she herself or her parents? Why her or her parents incapability to earn own live hood to be burden to Husband? Question is same is wives are cattle of Husband?

We would like to bring to your notice, when a person feels injustice by any order of lower court, then only they approach to SC. They do not approach to SC for fun.

But if SC itself demoralize, insult, take granted husband’s good conduct as norm/duty and refuse to listen husband plea, what option they have?

With this letter, my humble request to consider and review the comments made and necessary action to establish and prove by Law that marriage does not mean wives are cattle of Husband in real sense.

In case this honorable court seeks any detail explanations or assistance, I am ready to provide the same too.


Swarup Sarkar: A Blogger: Stop Abuse Men!


Sunday, 20 March 2022

Zakhm Aadmi Ka: Arvind Bharti, a young lawyer: suicide by Jumping in front of Train !

#ZakhmAadmiKa: Arvind Bharti, a young lawyer: suicide by Jumping in front of Train !
मलम लगा साकेते हो तो कोई आदमी का ज़कम में लगा देने, क्यू की बाज़ारो में बहुत हकीम है औरत के लेई - लेकिन आदमी का ज़कम में मालम लगाने वाला कोई नहीं होता है!
#MenSuicide: 108532 vs #WomenSuicide: 44498 . (NCRB 2020 Data ).
Since 75 years no effort or any action plan or law or policy made in India to reduce the increasing trend of Men suicide.
Stop Abuse Men ! Men are Human Too !

Saturday, 12 March 2022

Swarup Sarkar: Press Club of India: SIF A Ray of Hope for Millions of Abused & Distressed Men

Friday, 11 March 2022

#MaritalRape PIL Ka #DNA Check: When, by Whom & Why Marital Rape PIL filed in Delhi High Court to term Husband a Rapist?

#MaritalRape PIL Ka #DNA Check: When, by Whom & Why Marital Rape PIL filed in Delhi High Court to term Husband a Rapist? 

Mr. Amit Lakhani - President of @MenWelfare Trust (MWT) Explained at Press Club of India on the event of #SIF_FoundationDay @SFFNGO

Tuesday, 8 March 2022

Anil Singhvi Zee Business Ask: Every one knows when is #WomensDay, but when is #MensDay?

Every one knows when is #WomensDay, but when is #MensDay? #AnilSinghvi ask panelist at #ZeeBusiness.
Will we ever able to see People became #Misandry FREE & show concern for Men's Problem too? Will ever people #LiverateMen from their tradition role of Protector & Provider?
Unfortunately suffering, sacrifice & pain of men never documented or recognized. Result many even don't know Suicide of Men increasing since 1980 onwards, but no concern shown for @MenWelfare .

Tuesday, 22 February 2022

Pain of Men Jailed in Fake Case: Year 2007: Mr. Yogi Adityanath share Pain in Parliament.

Year:2007: Mr. Yogi Adityanath, after jailed on allegation of Hate Speech, share his Pain in Parliament and seek protection from fake cases. Today he is Chief Minister of Utter Pradesh.
But the question is every year more than 3Lacks common Men getting Jailed on mere allegation via #IPC498A , #IPC375 ,#354 , #CRPC125 , who will protect them?
When our Law makers make any Non-bailable Law, why #Article21 of Indian constitution ignore?
#IProvedMyInnocence : It's Not A News : My Live & Liberty with Dignity Denied.

Sunday, 13 February 2022

Live With Men's Rights Warrior Swaroop Sarkar

Friday, 4 February 2022

I Proved My Innocence : Swarup Sarkar : A Ex Male Feminist

Thursday, 3 February 2022

I Proved My Innocence : It's Not A News : My Live & Liberty with Dignity Denied.