Saturday, 19 November 2016

Celebrating International Men's Day 2016 - YouTube

Celebrating International Men's Day 2016 - YouTube

Look around, everywhere, every time, every place, contributions of Men can’t be ignored.

From the most important to most difficult environments or to make it short, “TO MAKE EARTH A LIVABLE PLANET”, its men who have most ignored yet most important roles.

Let’s list few contributions in perspective of India and Indians:  Protectors for the World – Defence, Security, Every Father, Every Brother, Every Son  Providers for the World – Farmers, Drivers, Manufacturers, Every Father, Every Brother, Every Son  Catalysts for the World – Scientists, Researchers,


On this year's International Men's Day, SIFar presents a real life picture of men. 

See them toiling hard at work, see the hazards they face and help break stereotypes that our society suffers with.

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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

A Father - Who is he ?

A Father !! Who is he ? 

Ask any one who lost their father or forced to dump their father in old age home.

" If Father have , then Child have all dream , when Father Have , all playing toys have with child. Father may not tell every time to child to remind that he loves you like your mother does , but silently sacrifice all his life to make your dream comes true. many think written , said about mothers , but fathers had been always ignored in India."

A video must watch by all who advocate for Father less child society and made many unfair law by which in India Judges even deny to have some hours of visiting right.

In addition we have male hater Child minister like Meenka Gandhi , who even say father does not need paternity Leave .

Just show all Judges who treat fathers as ATM machines but forget to allow Small time for child to have access their fathers.