Sunday, 15 November 2015

Watch SIFAR : Documentary on International Men's Day ! on YouTube

On the eve of International Men's day Delhi based SIFAR Video team had released their 2nd  Documentary !! 

The Video Consist of live examples how men , start from Common Men , activist , Victims and actors , who realize the need of Men's day and shown their happiness that there is a effort going on to establish the need of Celebration of Men's day too !!

As on date more than 70 countries all over word celebrating #mensday19Nov , which was first celebrated in 1992 and the numbers are increasing .

We have witness SIFAR team's earlier Video like A Fake Story JustMean , Documentary on NGO Working for men already had been well appreciated by many young Guys .

As a result I had witness in Last   month 3- student group came to us to make Documentary on suffering of Indian men , which never witness earlier in #FeministWorld .

Media , Judiciary , Parliament and Police , the four pillar of Indian Democracy seems forget that Men are Human too !!

The sacrifice , love , care and bread winner's role since establish of earth Men are doing had never been recornised or respected .

Men had been always taken as granted , result start form Suicide , Crime against men , sexual abuse ,  Blackmailing, extortion  , Domestic Violence against men are increasing at rocket speed.

Even many Mother's , Sisters , wives, Girlfriends are also keep calling Men Help line like SIF_ONE : 8882498498 as they can't bear the pain of their own  Son, brother , Husband or fiend's daily suffering lead to silent death !!

On the basis of Mere a verbal allegations, even Nobel Prize winners men , Judges , Power full Politicians , advocates  had also lost his Job , forget about common men .

Ms. Uma Challa , a Hyderabad Based  Women through her Blog named Fight for Gender Equality  made a Press Release said :

Sadly, the present day society and media tend to idolize and honor just a handful of stars and celebrities, while ignoring the contributions of the majority of men. They also demonize all men and everything masculine, without realizing the negative impact that it can have on men, women, children, and the society as a whole.
International Men’s Day (IMD) is a day to
  • remember all the good things about men and boys around us.
  • acknowledge and celebrate the invisible heroes of everyday.
  • honor men for all their positive contributions to the world.
  • pray for the health, well-being and safety of men and boys.
  • to ask for fairness towards men and boys in all walks of life.
  • join hands to end misandry and to restore respect for masculinity.
IMD is also a day to examine the various issues faced by men and boys and to discover ways to address them. It is a day to sensitize the society to work towards making a difference for men and boys. This year True Equity Network (TEN) India and All India Men’s Welfare Association (AIMWA) will be focusing on two important issues, namely, health and education of men and boys.

One may agree or disagree , but the reality of 21st Century that Men are Under Attack . The suffering, wrong done against them had never been considered as concern in this country . 

Men are Human too , Stop Abuse them !!

Them of this Year International Men's Day by Save Family Foundation ( SFF)  : Men are Human too

In a country we have Government funded authority/Commission even to protect the rights and welfare of Trees, animal, but none for Men. When it comes to issue like Crime against men or high Men suicide, Job-loss of Men, Men health issue , our Government always prefer to go on silent mode.  


It’s no more a #MensWorld, it’s #FeministWorld who force men or Boys to behave like a just Free ATM machine or became a Robot without heart and humanity.

The early you accept truth, is better for yourself and must read Why to Celebrate International Men’s Day?




  1. I am agreed with you.

    Some question are coming in my mind:
    1. Why metro provide a special coach to women?
    2. Why government bodies has negative attitude when a men reach to them with his compliant.
    3. Why only women and child welfare ministry works only for women and girl child not for boy child.
    4. Why all the government schemes are for only women and girl childs.
    5. Why all the laws are in the favor of women.
    6. Why there is National Commission for Women, if there is Human Right Commission.
    7. Why Delhi police commissioner and media gave big attention to only women and girls cases. Not for men and boys.
    8. Why there is no media news, market attention for Men's day. Even if men's has capacity to buy the things.
    9. Why there is no deterrent/fear for putting false cases.

    All these happen when our constitution direct us for gender equality.


    1. Use NOTA next time if they dont give reply to yr question. All done for vote bank only. Join us in twitter for awareness with @sffngo

    2. Use NOTA next time if they dont give reply to yr question. All done for vote bank only. Join us in twitter for awareness with @sffngo