Tuesday, 17 November 2015

#RIPManujGupta - We lost a brave MRA in Car accident Yesterday !

#RIPManujGupta - We Lost a Brave MRA in Car Accident !!

It is very painful to share that our greatest MRA, Manuj Gupta (Founder, DAMAN) and Ex-Moderator of SIF Yahoo Group left us Yesterday Night.

Anupam Dubey was also in same car which met with accident on Yamuna Express Way. Anupam is OK, but suffering in great Shock , under doctor observations ( Wish get well soon )

Manuj who coined the word via registering the NGO called DAMan (“The Man”), when come to our SIF group, was with full of fire, high passion and with Lot of dreams.

Within months taken responsibility of SIF moderator role and started weekly meeting in Kanpur, multiple events to create awareness in society. Some time he used to be very cute, some time with full of emotion!!

Many fear less activity he done, like Protest in front of Parliament without any fear, facing Biased Judges in Court, threat form Gonads and Police during his fake cases, but he prefer to fight back than surrender to Legal Terrorism and  won DV case, never got arrested in 498A and End MCD with Zero Money .

The one of biggest achievements in High court when his wife asked to transfer all cases to her home town, every one told it will be difficult to fight such cases as Judges transfer the cases to Wife city without seeing the merit, but he prefers to represent by self than hire advocate.

Judge asked where your advocate is and do you know law?

He replied: “My lord, to say truth there is no need to know law, to say lie one need to know law and advocate. Kill me here itself and hand over my body to my parents , but will not able go to  Home town of my wife  to fight case , as my BIL is a Gunda and he will kill me and throw my body in some un-known place , which even my parents will not be see my dead body . So better you kill than my BIL kill me, at least my Parents will not be deprived to see my Dead Body!”

He won the case on merit, but it shows the confidence and fearless he was.
Witness his many media activity social as well as print and electronic media and the Blast he given to Barkha Dutta NDTV Show (maximum portion was edited), when she ask audience to Poll by giving one sided story.

His word: “Mam here is a case where I had proved in Court it was wrong allegations, but you don’t brother to hear the same and without even hearing the same asking people to Vote based on a Story , which we do not know true or false ? So, an Allegations based story has more value to you than Court order based Fact to You? “  

Ms. Barkha Dutt openly say, yes she is taking side and she will keep doing that, because it’s her believe. One will wonder, if so why she claim a News anchor, if she wants to put her views is not fair to be a Panelist than misuse the Anchor Role of Program!

He dream many think but one I would like to put his  message in SIF Yahoo Group  appeal for creating 100NGo to  all over India  in every city to provide some helping hand to abused and distressed men .

Like that many incidence in my memory, can't express in words, hope he will take rebirth soon in some here some form as DA-Man, as a MRA don't die, it’s a soul, which only change their form of body!!

He used to blog at :


(The Author is the founder of DAMAN (Dowry Act Misuse Abolition Network), an organization fighting against the Misuse of Dowry Laws, and protect Men and his family from False implications due to Laws pertaining to gender discrepancy.)

All his activity you can witnesses in his Blog , but a heart touching Post he written after got Divorce a must read for all Re-Birth of Manuj Gupta .

We know we can't get back to him or any condolence is enough to the loss of his family, but at least we can show some love and respect to one of our brave MRA by saying in #RIPManujGupta at twitter and Facebaook , as Main stream media will not going to recornise his effort and sacrifice he had done for Men rights movement.

The Last Message From Manuj Gupta - DaMan !!


  1. RIP Manuj. You were a great warrior.

  2. Such a wonderful person Manuj was! Proving his innocence, getting a mutual consent divorce with zero alimony, zero reward to the lying spouse is not a small thing. Then going with his firebrand activism when he was himself free to go where he wanted:


  4. @ Swarup

    Salut "Manuj Gupta" Great men in this field.


  5. oh God cant believe this, met him just few days ago. RIP Manuj , u will be missed