Thursday, 15 October 2015

Need for Men's Rights | Amit Deshpande | TEDxJuhu

Today morning got a News Cutting mentioned , two attempt of rape case filed in Delhi and such news are not uncommon and as a common Men , we believe the same as true and start imagine how unsafe women in our country .

Indian Wives file attempt to Rape case against each others Husband

The story mention it was fight between two women at Night with reference to Car parking Problem . Now to resolve the same one women file a attempt to rape case against other women's Husband and in return the other women also file a attempt to rape case against first women's husband. Though it was found the allegation are not correct Police failed to  imitate any IPC182 against them or can't refuse to register the FIR , as recently SC said , Police have no right to refuse the FIR on basis the case is fake or fabricated.

This is not the first cases , every day such cases getting registered in huge numbers, not only in Delhi ,witness even at small villages of UP, West Bengal also. Today Cry Rape and all your wrong doing get  justified , even crime like mob killing or Riots . Any disputes , term it Rape and get Scot free .

So , a wrong doer ( He or She) became victim without any difficulty, only think she have to cry for rape or he have to find a women who will cry for rape for him. That's the #UnfairLaw of India  which even United Nation ( @UN) also prefer to keep their blind eye , result #FeministWorld made India a Hub of Legal Terrorism of the World .

Now such cases will be also added in National Crime Bure Report ( NCRB) as Crime against women and women organizations will not miss any opportunity to use the same statistics to shame all men , some radical Feminist will not miss the opportunity to term Every men as Potential Rapist . They will even reach to United Nation ( @UN) to fool them how India is unsafe for women and @UN also will get fooled and will make more anti-men law or policy.

But UN will never try to find the truth , as the Law designed in such a way that if a women cry for rape , no one have rights to disbelieve . If you question the truthfulness of the allegations , not only you will be termed a "Misgoynest" , you may even loose your Job also, as media will not forget to term you a Prevert or a Potential Rapist . If you are a Political person , you will be termed as anti-men in Media debates , so maximum Political person prefer to keep silence.

So, neither LAW makers , United Nation ( @UN) or any Media will dare to discuss to find the solution of such Legal Terrorism and will prefer to hide behind the word "Every Law get misused" due to their Misandric (male-hater) Mindset .

Result India failed to make any strong provision to consider that filling fake cases like Rape, molestation , 498A is heinous crime as the actual crime .

They will keep you reminding it's #MensWorld , any suffering of men should not be need of discussion . The right of Men's provided under article 21 ( Live and Liberty) taken away by terming them as criminal in open day light , but none dare to speak up as it's not #MensWorld any more it's #FeministWorld .

But here is one of my SIF Brother , Amit Deshpandey, President of Vaastav Foundation ,  dare to Talks about 'Need for Men's Right in TEDxJuhu .

One must view, listen and understand , any Unfair policy or Law does not bring any fairness in Society. It only kills the Harmony in society which lead to more and more violence and crime.

Men like Amit I termed as my Brother , not that I have any Blood relation with them , but SIF a ray of Hope for many Men creates the Brother Hood network , which  many even had  failed to get from own Blood relations.

Though #FeministWorld had killed or destroyed many of mine or your own Brother, Son , Father, Grand fathers , but SIF gives us many more brother like Amit whose basic ideology , to stop the injustice against men , if one have to end his life by Bullet shoot out on them , let take it on Chest than at back. 

Let Join hands and try to Stop Abuse of men too , as men are also Human too.



Neeraj juneja said...

Rape cases are totally fake.

ab said...

The most urgent need of the hour is that any women filing fake cases should be given the same amount of punishment in non-rape cases and double the amount of punishment in fake rape cases as the onus of proof is on the men.

further, there is urgent need for gender specific laws against women wherever women are wrong. They should even be stricter as it is a wrong women which makes a right men do wrong thing.A wrong woman is more harmful to the society than a wrong man. A man cannot be wrong unless until a woman is also wrong.Do these all strong and liberated women have the guts to accept where the women are wrong? Please note that equality is not similarity and gender specific laws will be made with different criteria. Take for example rape. A man is rapist if he does not take the consent, does that mean that women should also take consent from the man she is having sex with? This will be nullifying the consent process. A woman gives the consent and the man takes it. Any person can give anything only once. so woman cannot give consent to any other man as she has already given it to the first man and no more owns the consent which is now owned by the first man. So a woman should be punished for rape if she has sex with a different man without first taking the consent from the first man. Further, the first man can give consent only if he has the knowledge that the woman wants to have sex with someone else. There should be additional punishment for this if the woman does not give the knowledge to first man. So a woman should prove both, 1.that she has given the knowledge of her desire to the first man and 2. got the consent also.
Similarly for other laws also.
Women claim that they give birth to men. so why they back out when it comes to crime that they have given birth to rapists.

Why should laws be only against men.
Women should also make the code of conduct for themselves like any country that becomes independent make a constitution.
Women do not want men to tell how to live, dress etc. than who are they to make laws against men? They should make laws against themselves also.