Thursday, 22 October 2015

IPC354 case against Cricketer Amit Mishra by Women a Joke ?

Last Few days we have witness many News reports mentioning that a women in Bangalore registered a case against Indian Cricketer Amit Mishra under the Indian Penal Code section 326 (voluntarily causing grievous hurt by dangerous weapons or means) and 354 (assault or criminal force to woman with intent to outrage her modesty). 

Police had issued a Notice to him to appear before them with in 7 days . On failure of the same a arrest warrant can be issued . If it was a case against any common men or boys , police had been already arrested him , instead of issue any notice.

Now with reference to various TV news who claimed the Compliant copy they have  some highlight as per women's own statements :

1. She ( a Film Producer ) tired multiple time to call Amit Mishra , but there was no response.

2. She herself went to Hotel as Amit Mishra had not respond on Phone.

3. After Reaching to Hotel , she found Amit Mishra not available in room and a DND ( Do not disturb) notice was hanging .

4. She herself entered in Hotel room and was waiting Amit Mishra Room ( why Hotel staff allow her to enter his room , not explained)  .

5. Then Amit Mishra came to Hotel room after having Dinner and by seeing her in the room he got angry .

6. Then he started fight and beat her , break her finger and off course molested her by default and abla Nari ( poor women) suffered all the attack without any fault at her end . 

7. She had filed the case after one month of the incidence .

I would wonder , if any man ( film producer) had done the same think with any women cricketer, say Smita Mishra , what could had been happened ? Will not the film Producer had not been booked for trespassing, stalking and other IPC ?  He might have even charged with attempt of rape also.

But it's Indian and we live in a Feminist World , any wrong done by women can't be termed as crime . On the other hand only by her verbal statements any Man can be termed as Molester and sexual assaulter. The naming and shaming activity will continue and will be suspended from Job forgetting the natural Justice system followed a person is innocent till proven guilty.  

Amit Mishra being a Indian cricketer and Indian team too need him badly as Ravichandran Ashwini is injured he had not been arrested , but as per Crime Bure reports every 8 min one boy or men is getting arrested in India on the mere verbal allegations by girls or women and after long trails by court it had found more than 75% cases the allegations are not true .

Now the latest up-date , she want to withdraw the allegations !!! She dont know IPC354 is a Non-Compundable crimnal offence, only court have power to Close FIR.

So, we wonder does filling a criminal case against some one a JOKE in India ?   

File a criminal case against any Tom/Dick or harry , destroy his social reputation and then say I want to withdraw the compliant . Is this called Criminal Justice System of India ?

The allegations are true or false , does not matter the boy or men had been send to jail , got suspended from job or school and his basic constitution right under article 21 right to live and liberty had been denied .

When court found the allegations are not true, they have not got any compensations or court had given any punishment to such women or Girls for destroying one's life, carrier or social reputations.

Last week a women in our SIF-One Help Line ( 888-498-498) was crying his son had been expelled from the school as there was some disputes they have with college principal regarding donations and they have failed to deposit the same on time , but the reason of expelled given against the boy molestation , not donations disputes. Now the boy can't get admissions to any other school also .

Another angry call from Faisalabad by another women, whose parents have to pay lacks of rupees to avoid registration of IPC354 against his brother . A girl was behind her brother stalking , taken multiple times money and when he refused to take her call , she came to their home along with Police under IPC354 . Once she got the money all her allegations vanished .

She asked me : Is there any law for Boys if any Girl continuously stalking him ?   
I replied : No madam .
She asked : Why ?
I replied : That's because no one support for need of such law in India . Indian IPC354 or IPC376 does not consider the men or boys as victim of  rape, molestation , stalking or harassment by women or girls .

She might have never imagined in her wildest dream , the unfair law will hunt in her own family and she have to call to some men help line . Such unfair Law is not going to spare their son, brother, husband, father or grand fathers also.

Next 10 minutes she had given so many examples how today many girls are doing blackmailing, extortion and exploiting the laws , in return i can only offer her a patience hearing .

The politics of caste , religion had became ineffective , so it's time to push for Rape Politics , a 100% full proof winning formula. 

Thanks to our Delhi Chief minister Arvind Kejriwal , who had success fully established how Rape Politics can be a winning formula for any political party , in spite more than 75% rape cases court  found the allegations are not true in India , but who cares ?

King of Rape Politics

There is no opotion but other political party also have to play the same Rape politics to secure their vote bank and the demand of replacing men/women to person in  IPC354 and IPC376 along with strong punishment for abuse the law,  will go in deaf ears only. 

As we Know , in present situation no political party can afford to take a stand to stop such fake cases or can provide any solution to  suffering of men or boys in India , it's up to Supreme Court of India to review their own  Judgements like :

1. The verbal statements of a women should be treated as prima face evidence to register FIR ( ideology a Women never lie)  
2. Let the case false or true , Police must register the FIR . ( Such power in Non-bailable cases lead to only extortion and blackmailing).

If Supreme court also fail to reverse such unfair Judgements and can't imitate strong Punishment with CRPC340 , cricketer like Amit Mishra may not be affected , but common men and boys of India  have to suffer .

Any unfair law or policy can't bring fairness in society , it only kills the harmony in society . 


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